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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kotick is disturbed by the sight of what at the beginning of Chapter Four?
(a) The girl seals.
(b) Other seal families arriving at Novastoshnah for the summer.
(c) The clubbing and skinning of his friends.
(d) Halibut.

2. Who overhears the plot to kill Teddy's family?
(a) Nag and Nagaina.
(b) The tailorbirds.
(c) Rikki.
(d) Chuchundra.

3. Why are the birds upset when Rikki-Tikki-Tavi meets them?
(a) They don't know what happens to their baby.
(b) They are afraid of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.
(c) Their baby is gone.
(d) Their baby is crying.

4. What or who is Keddah?
(a) The lead elephant hunter.
(b) A snake.
(c) The lead elephant.
(d) The wild elephant pen.

5. How long is the journey to see Sea Vitch?
(a) Three miles.
(b) Sixty-six miles.
(c) Six miles.
(d) One mile.

6. How many miles does Kotick travel in one day looking for the Sea Cow?
(a) 300.
(b) 30.
(c) 3.
(d) 3,000.

7. How is Nag killed?
(a) He is poisoned.
(b) By shotgun.
(c) By a bite.
(d) He is carried off and dropped in the sea.

8. What is the age of Sea Catch?
(a) Thirty five.
(b) Fifteen.
(c) Twenty five.
(d) Five.

9. Who is apprehensive about the elephant dance?
(a) Kala Nag.
(b) Pudmini.
(c) Petersen.
(d) The superstitious native men.

10. What is the purpose of the elephant dance?
(a) Keeping hunters away.
(b) Mating.
(c) Attracting more elephants to the herd.
(d) It makes the clearing larger.

11. Who praises Rikki for saving Teddy?
(a) Nagaina.
(b) Teddy's father.
(c) Darzee.
(d) Teddy's mother.

12. Little Toomai goes to the elephant dance, even though he is supposed to be watching who?
(a) Kala Nag.
(b) Petersen.
(c) Mowgli.
(d) Pudmini.

13. Who is Chuchundra?
(a) Another mongoose.
(b) Another tailorbird.
(c) Another snake.
(d) A muskrat.

14. Who finds Rikki-Tikki-Tavi at the beginning of Chapter Five?
(a) A tiger.
(b) A human father.
(c) A boy named Teddy.
(d) A cobra.

15. Who chases Nag and Nagaina away from the birds?
(a) Chuchundra.
(b) Rikki.
(c) Teddy.
(d) Bagheera.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Sea Catch's wife?

2. Who grows up to be the namesake for Chapter Four?

3. In the jungle, huge clearings are called what?

4. How many seals come with Kotick at the end of Chapter Four?

5. When the elephants dance, it is what?

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