The Jungle Book Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Is the jackal respected by the other jungle creatures? Why or why not?

No, the jackal is not respected by the other jungle creatures. In the hierarchy of the jungle, he is among the lowest because of his scavenger tendencies.

2. Describe Mowgli's appearance when he first meets the wolf family and their impression of him.

Mowgli is a little, brown, naked boy. He can just walk, and the wolf family is impressed by his boldness.

3. How does the mother wolf approach the situation with the man-cub?

The mother wolf is quite to defend Mowgli from Shere Khan, and very protective. She loves having him as part of their pack.

4. How is the wolf pack easily influenced?

The wolf pack is easily influenced by first, the wolf pack is bribed by Bagheera with a bull, and later, Shere Khan convinces them to turn against Mowgli.

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