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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 "Mowgli's Brothers")


Chapter One, "Mowgli's Brothers".

At the start of the story, we learn about the animals of the jungle, which are considered lowly and the ones that are held in high esteem. This objective of this lesson is to study the hierarchy of the jungle animals.


1) Class Discussion: The jackal is considered the lowliest of the jungle creatures, according the hierarchy explained in this chapter. What is a hierarchy? Is it a good or bad thing? How is the hierarchy of the jungle of the decided? How is an animal treated differently depending on where they land on the line of hierarchy? Do all of the animals agree with/follow the hierarchy? If anyone dissents -- who and why?

2) Individual Activity: Ask each student to write down the hierarchy of the jungle with creatures mentioned so far in Chapter One. Who is at the top? The...

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