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Go to the library and find a newspaper clipping or magazine story of prejudice against someone because they are different. Be prepared to discuss with the class.

Picture sharing

Bring in a picture of yourself as a baby or 'man-cub' and ask your parents what charms them about you when you are little, just as Mowgli charms his mom. Tell the class about it.

Friends or enemies

Make a list of Mowgli's friends, and a list of his enemies in the jungle.


Write a short poem or chant about the monkey people and their crazy behavior.

Mowgli and Kaa

Write a list of 10 adjectives that describe Mowgli, and 10 adjectives that describe Kaa.

What if

What do you think happens to Mowgli if he is never cast out of the jungle by the wolf pack in the beginning?


Draw what the items of clothing that you...

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