The Jungle Book Character Descriptions

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This character is content to live off the land.


Born and living in captivity, this character still bears the mark of a collar under the dense fur around his neck.


This character only fights when absolutely necessary.


Old and cunning, this character's gaze is mesmerizing and hypnotic to other jungle inhabitants.


Ruler to the wolf pack, this character's authority is questioned as the years go on.

Shere Khan

This character is sometimes called the Big One and the Lame One.

Sea Catch

This is the first character the reader meets in The White Seal.


This character is a sleek, gentle-eyed gray seal, devoted to husband and son.


When this character is born, his color has already been foretold in folklore.


The sound a mongoose makes when he is about to fight is responsible for this character's name.

Nag and Nagaina

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