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Chapter 1 "Mowgli's Brothers"

• The wolf family finds Mowgli, a lost man-cub and takes him into their family, much to the protest of Shere Khan, a tiger who wants the boy for his own selfish reasons.
• The Wolf Pack Council meets and only agrees to accept Mowgli after they are bribed by Bagheera, a panther who gives them a tasty bull in exchange for Mowgli's life.
• Baloo, a bear, and Bagheera teach Mowgli the ways of the jungle.
• Shere Khan teaches the young wolves to turn against Mowgli and casts out Akela, the leader of the wolf pack who helps them accept Mowgli. He convinces them to fight Mowgli.
• Mowgli overcomes the wolf pack by using man's fire, leaves the jungle and vows to come back to visit and get rid of Shere Khan once and for all.

Chapter 2 "Kaa's Hunting"

• The chapter begins long before Mowgli is cast...

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