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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What burning question does Bliss finally ask Hickman when they see each other again after the Juneteenth revival?
(a) If he did a good job at the service.
(b) If the crazy woman really was his mother.
(c) When he can get his teddy back.
(d) When will they be going for ice cream.

2. What does the woman who visits Hickman unexpectedly ask for?
(a) A ride into town.
(b) Some iced tea.
(c) Money.
(d) If there is a woman at home.

3. What is Lorelli known for?
(a) Her wild hair.
(b) Her amazing cooking.
(c) Trying to steal other people's children.
(d) Her kindness.

4. What caused Lorelli to lose her mind?
(a) Madness.
(b) Poison.
(c) Grief.
(d) Illness/A fever.

5. Where does Bliss go to when he disappears from Reverend Hickman as a boy?
(a) To the army recruitment office.
(b) To meetings of another church.
(c) To hang out with his friends.
(d) To the ocean.

6. Although they don't know Bliss is hiding underneath, what are the people on the porch talking about when Bliss is eavesdropping?
(a) What will happen to Bliss in the near future.
(b) Bliss's performance in the coffin.
(c) How old Reverend Hickman is getting.
(d) Lorelli's strange behavior.

7. What kind of beer does Charlie drink?
(a) Coors.
(b) Corona.
(c) Cerveza.
(d) Chock.

8. What is the woman, who knocks on Hickman's door when he is at the ready with guns and a rifle, wearing?
(a) A black shawl.
(b) A very expensive ballgown.
(c) An old sheet -- and that's it.
(d) A dirty wedding dress.

9. What woman knocks on Hickman's door when he is sitting there, at the ready with guns and a rifle?
(a) A woman he has never seen before.
(b) The minister's wife.
(c) The woman who falsely accused his brother of rape.
(d) His kind neighbor.

10. Why does Bliss want money at the circus?
(a) For the ferris wheel.
(b) For a stuffed animal.
(c) For ice cream.
(d) For cotton candy.

11. How does Hickman find out that the senator's life may be in danger?
(a) Through a dream.
(b) Through a letter.
(c) He overhears some people talking at the supermarket.
(d) Through a phone call.

12. What does Sister Georgia offer Bliss to help him stop crying?
(a) His own room at her house.
(b) Vanilla ice cream.
(c) Cold watermelon.
(d) A bubble bath.

13. What does Hickman tell Bliss about the person who interrupted the Juneteenth revival?
(a) That she has died.
(b) That she is not his mother.
(c) That she is from France.
(d) That she is pregnant.

14. What does the woman who gives birth at Hickman's home say the baby is a reminder of?
(a) His love of children.
(b) The one night they shared together.
(c) Hickman's ability to forgive.
(d) His love of all things made by God.

15. When Brer Bear catches up with Brer Rabbit in the senator's final hallucination sequence, what is Brer Rabbit doing?
(a) Having sex with all the local girl rabbits.
(b) Nothing; he is just standing there looking lost and confused.
(c) Bleeding.
(d) Dying of hunger.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom did Lorelli stay while trying to regain her sanity?

2. What does Reverend Hickman tell Bliss about the clowns in an effort to comfort him?

3. Who is Sister Georgia?

4. How long does Bliss start disappearing for after he and Reverend Hickman go to the circus?

5. What does Hickman do when he realizes his unexpected female guest is going into labor?

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