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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Laly?
(a) The senator's hospital doctor.
(b) Bliss's first real love.
(c) Reverend Hickman's daughter.
(d) Bliss's sister.

2. What color lining does Bliss's coffin (used during the large Juneteenth revival) have?
(a) Baby blue.
(b) Black.
(c) Red.
(d) Pink.

3. How does Bliss know when to rise from the coffin during the large Juneteenth revival?
(a) He knows to do it when everything is quiet.
(b) He rises when the choir starts to sing "Amazing Grace."
(c) Reverend Hickman gives him a verbal cue.
(d) He has a little timer that goes off.

4. How does Senator Sunraider's wife respond to news of the shooting?
(a) He doesn't have a wife.
(b) She faints.
(c) She rushes to the hospital.
(d) She rushes to the police station.

5. What kind of dialogue is used to describe Senator Sunraider's childhood?
(a) Eastern.
(b) Western.
(c) Southern.
(d) Northern.

6. How does Bliss breathe when locked inside the coffin?
(a) With SCUBA equipment.
(b) Through an air tube.
(c) With an oxygen mask.
(d) Regular.

7. What items does Bliss have with him in the coffin before the Juneteenth revival?
(a) His Bible.
(b) His stuffed animals.
(c) His stuffed animals and his Bible.
(d) None of these answers is correct.

8. What does the senator suggest Reverend Hickman might have otherwise done with his life?
(a) Been a chef.
(b) Been a trumpet player.
(c) Been a playwright.
(d) Been a guitarist.

9. With what term is Bowlegs unfamiliar?
(a) Harpsicord.
(b) Bliss.
(c) Meat whistle.
(d) Feather weather.

10. The religious revivals of this time period served as what kinds of events?
(a) Social.
(b) Spiritual.
(c) None of these answers is correct.
(d) Spiritual and social.

11. What can Bliss see inside his tiny coffin?
(a) Nothing at all.
(b) Lights from outside.
(c) The coffin lining.
(d) His glow-in-the-dark stickers.

12. What food reward does the young senator get for popping out of the coffin at the appropriate time?
(a) No reward.
(b) A taste of the church wine.
(c) Vanilla ice cream.
(d) A hamburger.

13. How does Reverend Hickman react when he sees Senator Sunraider attacked?
(a) He faints.
(b) He becomes violently angry.
(c) He cheers for joy.
(d) He is in shock.

14. What is the name of the person who assassinates Senator Sunraider?
(a) Severen.
(b) Snape.
(c) McCarthy.
(d) Jameson.

15. Who is Bowlegs?
(a) The bully who starts a fight with Bliss.
(b) The senator's godfather.
(c) The senator's dog.
(d) The nickname the senator had as a child.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the person who interrupts the large Juneteenth revival ceremony removed from the service?

2. What kinds of traditions does the Juneteenth holiday end up being connected to?

3. What Biblical passage does Hickman quote when Bliss arises out of the coffin during revivals?

4. What is Bliss wearing in his little coffin during the large Juneteenth revival?

5. What does Hickman say is the one thing keeping Bliss from being a great preacher?

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