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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Hickman's group go after the assassination?
(a) The Justic Department.
(b) Back to North Carolina.
(c) Outside.
(d) Straight to the hospital.

2. What analogy does Ellison use to describe Laly and Bliss's love?
(a) Like two lions.
(b) Like two birds.
(c) Like two snakes.
(d) Like two dolphins.

3. What signal does one of the coffin bearers give Bliss to let him know that he's not alone inside the coffin?
(a) He knocks on it.
(b) He slips him a little note.
(c) He whispers things only Bliss can hear.
(d) He sends him a text message.

4. What does the person who interrupts the large Juneteenth ceremony claim?
(a) That Bliss is her son.
(b) That she has seen the Lord.
(c) That she is pregnant.
(d) That she met Jesus a minute ago.

5. What promise does Bliss make to Laly?
(a) That he will cast her in a movie.
(b) That he will marry her.
(c) That he will get her pregnant so she can have a baby.
(d) That he will give her a brand new house.

6. What color Bible does the young senator hold when he comes out of the coffin during revivals as a child?
(a) Brown (leather).
(b) White.
(c) Light blue.
(d) Black.

7. What happens to Senator Sunraider's assassin?
(a) He is detained and attacked by an angry mob.
(b) He shoots himself.
(c) He is tried and found guilty.
(d) He falls off the balcony to his death.

8. What kind of traditional preaching style do Bliss and Reverend Hickman have?
(a) Music-based.
(b) Lecture.
(c) Participatory.
(d) Call and response.

9. While sitting in the hospital together, what major event does Hickman remind the senator of?
(a) Juneteenth revivals.
(b) His tenth birthday.
(c) His wedding day.
(d) His college graduation.

10. Why does Hickman say Juneteenth will always be celebrated?
(a) Because people can take the day off of work.
(b) Because it is now a state holiday.
(c) Because people like to give and receive gifts.
(d) So that its significance is not forgotten.

11. What financial reward does the young senator get for popping out of the coffin at the appropriate time?
(a) Ten cents.
(b) One dollar.
(c) No reward.
(d) Fifty cents.

12. How is Senator Sunraider assassinated?
(a) He is strangled.
(b) He is stabbed.
(c) He is shot.
(d) He is poisoned.

13. What Biblical passage does Hickman quote when Bliss arises out of the coffin during revivals?
(a) "And a little child shall lead them."
(b) "And the dead will rise again."
(c) "Hush, little children."
(d) "And we shall love all chidren, even the dead ones."

14. What does Hickman say is the one thing keeping Bliss from being a great preacher?
(a) He wants to get married.
(b) He curses too much.
(c) He won't sing.
(d) He likes to sleep late on Sundays.

15. What does Senator Sunraider do to block out the visions he is having while giving his last speech?
(a) Ask for a cool cloth.
(b) Close his eyes.
(c) Go to the hospital.
(d) Take a drink of water.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much time left does the senator think he has after he has been attacked?

2. What does Bliss find himself torn between after the large Juneteenth revival is interrupted?

3. According to Donelson, why does Bliss travel so lightly?

4. Who blocks the group's ability to see Senator Sunraider in D.C.?

5. What object is the animal carrying that Senator Sunraider thinks he sees while giving his last speech?

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