Juneteenth Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where does the term "Juneteenth" come from?

The tern "Juneteenth" comes from the name given by slaves in Texas for the day they were emancipated.

2. Why does the group of elderly churchgoers go to Washington, D.C.?

The group of elderly churchgoers goes to Washington, D.C., because they want to see Senator Sunraider.

3. Why is the group turned away from Senator Sunraider's office in D.C.?

The group is turned away from Senator Sunraider's office in D.C. because he is not available and because they are black.

4. How does Revered Hickman react when the newspaper in D.C. tells him and his group that their story is not interesting?

Reverend HIckman is patient and tells the newspaper that they will soon regret not listening to his group's message when they are turned away in D.C.

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