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Objective: Chapters 1, 2 and 3 As the novel begins, much information is needed to help contextualize what is happening. The objective of this lesson is to analyze the setting of the novel.

1) Begin class with a focusing exercise. Have students write for 5 minutes in response to the following prompt: "What do you know from the book about the setting? What do you know from your other classes in history or social studies about this time and place?" Collect their responses.

2) For class discussion: What do we know is the setting of the place--physically? historically? socially? Are white people allowed to go places black people aren't? What about vice versa? What racial dynamics are going on? What class dynamics are happening? Who controls and has power? What does the setting convey about the history of the time and the context of the character's lives?

3) Have students discuss in small groups...

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