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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Diane described?
(a) Red haired and crazy.
(b) Brown haired and calm.
(c) Brunette and pretty.
(d) Blond and beautiful.

2. What do those who jump off the Nail do to commemorate their job?
(a) Take out an ad in the local paper.
(b) Scratch their names in the Danger sign.
(c) Paint their names on a rock.
(d) Hang a sign around their neck at school for one week.

3. What is the temperature of the water off the Nail like?
(a) Cool.
(b) Extremely cold.
(c) Very warm.
(d) Warm.

4. What would Dru like to do about the jump?
(a) Call the police.
(b) Have them wait for a better day.
(c) Jump also.
(d) Talk everyone out of it.

5. How did Mike change Dru's life?
(a) He made her part of the in crowd.
(b) Her grades lowered because she spends too much time with him.
(c) Her mother lets her go out more since dating him.
(d) Her grades in math went up.

6. What does Hopi say to the group?
(a) He thinks Scooter is arrogant.
(b) He is leaving for college on Monday.
(c) He will jump the next week.
(d) He would never be stupid enough to jump.

7. What does Dru's father do for a living?
(a) Owns a music store and plays piano.
(b) President of a bank.
(c) Owns a grocery chain.
(d) Lawyer.

8. What does Dru tell Scooter?
(a) That he needs to leave immediately.
(b) That Elisa is not there.
(c) That he is nuts.
(d) That Elisa's mother is on her way home.

9. What does Scooter bring with him to wear on his jump?
(a) His ex-girlfriend's bracelet.
(b) An orange life jacket.
(c) A helmet.
(d) A multi-colored scarf.

10. What does Scooter yell up to Elisa?
(a) She has to the count of ten to be downstairs.
(b) He'll wait for her in the car.
(c) He's going on ahead.
(d) He will see her tomorrow.

11. What is the condition outside near the Nail?
(a) Slightly foggy.
(b) Calm.
(c) Sunny and calm.
(d) Windy.

12. How does Elisa feel towards Scooter?
(a) She is afraid of him.
(b) She doesn't know how she feels about him.
(c) She is in love with him.
(d) She is indifferent towards him.

13. What does Jeremy tell Dru?
(a) He has been talking to Scooter all week.
(b) He talked to Scooter this morning.
(c) He called Scooter last night.
(d) He talked to Scooter at lunch yesterday.

14. What does Diane watch Mike do?
(a) Drink out of Dru's soda.
(b) Put his arm around Dru.
(c) Kiss Elisa.
(d) Change into his swimming trunks.

15. Why does Scooter want to jump off the Nail?
(a) To see what it feels like.
(b) To prove to himself he is fearless.
(c) To impress his ex-girlfriend.
(d) To brag.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dru want to leave the Nail?

2. How is Dru perceived by the other teenagers?

3. Why is Elisa considering a jump?

4. What does Mike try to do with Dru in the car?

5. What does Dru tell Elisa when Elisa gets ready to leave the house?

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