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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 10, Pages 143-156.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Section 5, what does Maureen wonder about the town woman?
(a) Whether she is married.
(b) Whether she loves July.
(c) Whether July loves her.
(d) Whether she has children.

2. What does Maureen suggest in Section 9 that they need to do to save July?
(a) Run with him.
(b) Take July to America.
(c) Leave.
(d) Help the chief.

3. Why does July make Bam move the car in Section 1?
(a) He wants to use it for parts.
(b) He wants to steal it.
(c) He wants to sell it.
(d) He’s afraid it will be seen.

4. What does Gina do in Section 6 to bring about admonishment from Maureen?
(a) Yell at the man.
(b) Hold hands with Nyiko.
(c) Feed the kittens.
(d) Pull the kittens from their mother.

5. What is surprising about the photo of Maureen and Lydia?
(a) They are both black.
(b) They are both white.
(c) Their roles of servant and master are clear.
(d) They are holding hands.

Short Answer Questions

1. By the end of Section 7, how does Maureen feel about Bam, after this journey?

2. In Section 1, where are the children sleeping, once in the hut?

3. Why do Bam and Maureen continue to listen to the radio?

4. How does July feel about Maureen working with the women of his village in Section 7?

5. What has the government promised to do to help the local chiefs?

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