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Section 1, Pages 1-14

• The first section introduces July, the black servant of a white family, the Smalls. The Smalls consist of Maureen, Bam, and three children.

• It becomes clear the Smalls family has travelled three days and nights from an expensive life to reside in a small, primitive hut of July’s family in the bush of Africa.

• The Smalls have fought to overthrow the black hatred of them through attempts to fight for black African rights over many years, but when the blacks begin to riot in Johannesburg, the Smalls are forced to evacuate before they are killed.

• July continues to care for the Smalls as though they are still his masters, although they are now in his home, with his family.

• The vehicle, a bakkie, is hidden, and July lies to his people, telling them the whites have given it to him, in an effort to...

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