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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brutus tell his men to do after he finds Cassius dead?
(a) Honor their fallen leaders.
(b) Retreat.
(c) Fight with vigor.
(d) Hold up their heads.

2. Why do Marc Antony and Brutus meet for a parley when they know it will not be successful?
(a) It is customary.
(b) They want their men to think they want peace.
(c) They have hope for peace.
(d) They need to stall the time of the battle as long as possible.

3. What does Marc Antony order be done with Lucilius as he leaves to re-enter the battle?
(a) To be held captive.
(b) To be tortured for information.
(c) To be killed.
(d) To be treated kindly.

4. What does Brutus do after he leaves Rome?
(a) Convinces Cassius to make an attack on Rome.
(b) Devises his plan.
(c) Begins creating an army.
(d) Writes to Marc Antony to try and win him over.

5. What portion of Caesar's property did he leave the people of Rome in his Will?
(a) His fenced fighting ring.
(b) His country land.
(c) His main house.
(d) His gardens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Brutus' most trusted servant?

2. What does Octavius order be done with Brutus's body?

3. What happens when Titinius goes to check on Cassius's tent in Act 5, Scene 3?

4. What do the leaders do during the parley before the battle in Act 5, Scene 1 begins?

5. In Act 5, Scene 5, what does Brutus see that tells him it is his time to die?

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