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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Cinna before the mob leaves him in Act 3, Scene 3?
(a) He dies.
(b) He pledges his loyalty to Caesar.
(c) He joins the mob.
(d) He pretends to die.

2. Why do the people begin beating Cinna when they meet him on the road?
(a) He is in the way.
(b) He has a symbol of Pompey on his clothing.
(c) He is not going to pay homage to Caesar.
(d) Cinna is the name of one of the conspirators.

3. Who does Marc Antony designate to rule Africa?
(a) Marc Antony.
(b) Artimidorus.
(c) Octavius.
(d) Lepidus.

4. What does Marc Antony compare Lepidus to after he leaves the meeting with Antony and Octavius?
(a) His horse.
(b) His standard.
(c) His wife.
(d) Caesar.

5. What do the people do with Caesar's body after Marc Antony's eulogy?
(a) Place wreathes of flowers on it.
(b) Bury it in peace.
(c) Bring the holy men to cleanse the body.
(d) Burn it at the holy place.

6. Where is Marc Antony's army stationed in Act 5, Scene 1?
(a) Phillipi.
(b) Stallipi.
(c) Gaul.
(d) Rome.

7. What does Brutus tell his hidden legions to do during the battle against Marc Antony?
(a) Send reinforcements.
(b) Attack Octavius's wing.
(c) Double arm themselves against the archers.
(d) Replace the fallen members of the wing.

8. Who tries to enter the tent to calm the fight between Cassius and Brutus?
(a) A shepherd.
(b) A poet.
(c) A servant.
(d) A soldier.

9. In Act 5, Scene 5, where is Brutus resting while he tries to find a servant to kill him?
(a) On Cassius's grave.
(b) The ground.
(c) A rock.
(d) His tent.

10. Where is Cinna walking when the mob finds him in Act 3, Scene 3?
(a) To the marketplace.
(b) To Caesar's funeral.
(c) To the Senate House.
(d) To his house.

11. What is Brutus most worried about after leaving Rome?
(a) He is afraid Marc Antony will try and kill him.
(b) He has not heard from his wife since he left Rome.
(c) He thinks Cassius's feelings towards him have changed.
(d) He cannot find enough men to fight with him.

12. What does Titinius do when he sees Cassius is dead?
(a) Mourns loudly.
(b) Prays to the gods for victory.
(c) Kills himself.
(d) Faints.

13. What does Brutus tell Cassius he never does when Cassius arrives at his camp?
(a) Wrongs his enemies - much less his friends.
(b) Grows weary of the truth and right.
(c) Weakens his regard for the Republic.
(d) Tell falsehoods.

14. What does Cassius do at the climax of his argument Brutus at Brutus's camp?
(a) Spits on Brutus.
(b) Slaps Brutus across the face.
(c) Breaks down in tears.
(d) Bares his chest and asks Brutus to stab him.

15. What does Marc Antony say when Lucilius is brought before him in Act 5, Scene 4?
(a) He knows Lucilius is not Brutus.
(b) He knows the real Brutus would never allow himself to be taken captive.
(c) He cannot recognize him.
(d) He laughs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brutus tell his men to do after he finds Cassius dead?

2. Who comes with Lucius to deliver his news from Cassius to Brutus?

3. What does Brutus say about Caesar when he sees Cassius is dead?

4. What does Marc Antony order be done with Lucilius as he leaves to re-enter the battle?

5. Why do Marc Antony and Brutus meet for a parley when they know it will not be successful?

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