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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the second person to speak to the crowd after Caesar's assassination?
(a) Calpernia.
(b) Marc Antony.
(c) Brutus.
(d) Cassius.

2. Who does Cassius ask to deliver his false letters to Brutus?
(a) Cinna.
(b) Casca.
(c) Pompey.
(d) Cicero.

3. What does Antony read to the people as part of his eulogy for Caesar?
(a) His will.
(b) A letter to his wife while at war.
(c) A page from his journal.
(d) His new plan for Rome.

4. In Act 1, Scene 2, how does Brutus say he feels about honor?
(a) He wants honor, but so much to kill for it.
(b) He feels honor is subjective and frail.
(c) He loves honor more than he fears death.
(d) He hopes some honor will make his wife proud of him.

5. What does Calpurnia say that eventually convinces Caesar to stay at home in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) The crown will fit more comfortably on a day not laden with omens.
(b) He can use her worries as an excuse.
(c) The Senate will be more convinced that he is not a tyrant if he stays home.
(d) Antony can tell the Senate that Caesar is ill.

6. How does Decius interpret Calpurnia's dream about Caesar's death?
(a) He will give new life and vitality to Rome.
(b) He will die when his mission has been fulfilled.
(c) His blood will renew Rome.
(d) He will be a wellspring of life and love for the Senate.

7. What is the last thing Brutus asks the crowd after Caesar's assassination?
(a) "Have I offended you?"
(b) "Am I understood?"
(c) "Do you believe me?"
(d) "Can you follow me?"

8. Which one of these does Cassius NOT call Caesar behind his back?
(a) A womanly personage.
(b) Trash and rubbish.
(c) A tyrant.
(d) A small girl.

9. What is Caesar celebrating in Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) His victory over Pompey.
(b) The feast of Lupercal.
(c) His throngs of loyal followers.
(d) His conquest in Rome.

10. What day is Caesar assassinated?
(a) The Ides of March.
(b) Venus's birthday.
(c) His birthday.
(d) The day of Feasting.

11. Who is Caesar's closest friend?
(a) Cassius.
(b) Brutus.
(c) Calpurnia.
(d) Marc Antony.

12. What are the conspirators going to do in Act 2, Scene 3 once they reach the Senate house after passing Artemidorus?
(a) Banish Caesar.
(b) Kill Caesar.
(c) Pay tribute to Caesar.
(d) Crown Caesar.

13. What does Decius say that immediately changes Caesar's decision about staying home the day of his assassination?
(a) Marc Antony will be at the Senate House to protect him.
(b) The people are chanting his name in the streets.
(c) The Senate will crown him king.
(d) The Senate has a special gift for Caesar that day.

14. Why does Antony want to meet with Brutus when he hears of Caesar's assassination?
(a) He feels that a lone conversation will be more beneficial.
(b) He wants a duel with Brutus.
(c) He needs someone to help him plan the funeral.
(d) He knows Brutus must have had a good reason.

15. Why does Brutus say he does not want to kill Antony?
(a) Antony will understand.
(b) Antony is a friend of the Republic.
(c) Antony is too well-liked by the people to be murdered.
(d) Antony's power comes purely from his friendship with Caesar.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Caesar choose to put off reading his letter from Artemidorus?

2. Where does Cicero talk to Casca when they first appear in the play?

3. What about Cicero does Metellus think would add viability to their assassination plot?

4. What does Caesar call the soothsayer in Act 1, Scene 2?

5. How long has Brutus suffered with insomnia when Cassius comes to his house?

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