Julius Caesar Character Descriptions

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Another Poet

This character is ridiculed for his crude verses and philosophy.

Antony (Mark Antony, also Marcus Antonius)

This character is a professional soldier and public official and has the third largest speaking role in the play.


This group of people is made to protect Rome.

Artemidorus of Cnidos

This character is a teacher of rhetoric and writes a blunt letter of warning, naming the men who have plotted against the Roman leader.


These characters are unnamed servants and messengers.

Brutus (Decius Brutus)

This is the conspirator who lures the Roman leader to the scene of his death after re-interpreting a dream.

Brutus (Marcus Brutus)

This character decides to take his own life rather than be captured and led into Rome as a prisoner and is called "the noblest Roman of them all" at his funeral.

Caesar (Julius Caesar)

This character is a Roman statesman and...

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