Juliet Takes a Breath Fun Activities

Rivera, Gabby
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Write a Poem

Write a poem to summarize one of the major themes of the book.

Character Mixtape

Choose character from the book and create a mixtape for them -- like Juliet does for Lainie -- based on their lifestyle and personality traits.

Bumper Sticker

Write a short phrase that reflects an important message or theme to be used on a bumper sticker.

Online Dating Profile

Create an online dating profile for one of the characters, including a physical description and personality traits.

Comic Strip

Create a comic strip based on a selected scene from the novel.

Movie Cast

Cast a movie for Juliet Takes a Breath. Select five characters and assign them a famous actor/actress to portray them in the film adaptation.

Character Recipe

Select a character from the novel and create a 10-item recipe for them based on their personality traits, allowing the measurements to...

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