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The Tundra

This is the treeless, frost-heaved landscape north of the Arctic Circle. Julie initially loses her way in this featureless landscape.

The Seal Camp

This is a tourist center during the summer hunting season, and a sanctuary for men who follow the old Eskimo ways in the winter.


This is the island settlement where Miyax was born and where her father was manager of the reindeer herd.

Point Barrow

This is an extremely northern settlement, home of Miyax's husband and in-laws.

The Ulo

This is a half-moon shaped woman's knife, so versatile it can trim a baby's hair, slice a tough bear, or chip an iceberg.

The Sleeping Skin

This is a moose hide bag lined with white rabbit fur that Miyax needed to survive.

The Wolf Den

This is a background and home site for the wolves and pups.

The Bladder Feast

During this, a...

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