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Short Answer Questions

1. Julian's religious fervor seems to have an impact on his troops, as evidenced by a conversation about religion between:

2. The army's reaction to Julian's religious decrees can best be described as:

3. The Persian army use ____ to carry their archers.

4. As Augustus, Julian attempts to clean up corruption in the palace by dismissing:

5. Maximus and his wife make a pact concerning:

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Julian deal with the famine in Antioch?

2. Several things happen that suggest to Julian that his death may be imminent. Cite some of these occurrences. What does Julian think about these incidents and how does he react?

3. Julian has grown more and more enamored with belief in the Hellenistic gods and more distant from Christianity. His dislike of Christian holidays is well known. Why does he publicly celebrate Epiphany?

4. Describe the incidence of Helena's death.

5. In his memoirs and his journal, Julian insists that his army and the people love him, that he goes to great lengths to avoid confrontation and do right by the populace, and that his ascension to power is due to the will of the people. Some of these recollections are rather self-serving. Describe some examples of these recollections.

6. Julian may have a sense that he is becoming drunk with power and losing touch with real people and real issues. Describe the incident at the baths that illustrates his awareness.

7. After several months as Augustus, Julian's temperament changes, according to Priscus. How does Julian change and why do you think this change occurs?

8. Priscus, for one, takes a different viewpoint about Julian's popularity and his claims that he is beloved by the army and the people of Rome. What does Priscus say to Libanius about Julian's public image at the time of his ascension to Augustus?

9. Julian travels overland to Antioch stopping in various towns along the way. What reason does he give for the journey and what does Julian hope to accomplish by visiting the towns en route?

10. Shortly after the battle of Ctesiphon, Julian is wounded in another battle when he is pierced in the side by a spear. Describe the incident and tell what the outcome is.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What ultimately brings Julian down and causes and his era to end? Do you think it is Julian himself? Do you think it is his destiny or the will of the people or simply the march of history or some other factor that brings Julian's reign and the changes he seeks to effect to a halt? Explain Julian's ultimate failure and death in big picture terms.

Essay Topic 2

When Julian realizes that he loses the support of his beloved deities, it is a crucial turning point for him. How does this change him as a man and as a leader? What do you think goes through his mind about religion and about his life-long efforts to praise, honor and elevate the deities?

Essay Topic 3

Select a minor character from the story of Julian and discuss this character's role in the overall story. Explain how this character is developed throughout the story and what his/her purpose is from a literary standpoint.as well as with respect to advancing the plot and revealing the main character, Julian.

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