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Short Answer Questions

1. In the year of the famine in Antioch, the leaders of Antioch:

2. Constantius's will names this person as his successor.

3. Towards the end of Julian's campaign in Persia, although he continues to base many of his decisions on signs and omens, Julian:

4. On his way to Antioch in section XV, Julian stops in cities along the way and visits:

5. Julian claims to have information that _____ is behind the plot to kill him.

Short Essay Questions

1. The relationship between Julian and Eusebia is never really made clear. Describe what you know about this relationship.

2. Once he is Augustus, how does Julian display his disdain for Christianity?

3. Shortly after the battle of Ctesiphon, Julian is wounded in another battle when he is pierced in the side by a spear. Describe the incident and tell what the outcome is.

4. What happens when Julian's army encounters the Persian army near Ctesiphon? What orders does Julian give? How does he act in front of the troops? What do you think is actually going on in his mind?

5. Describe Julian's lifestyle after he becomes Augustus.

6. In his memoirs and his journal, Julian insists that his army and the people love him, that he goes to great lengths to avoid confrontation and do right by the populace, and that his ascension to power is due to the will of the people. Some of these recollections are rather self-serving. Describe some examples of these recollections.

7. Julian claims to be tolerant of different religions. Why does he feel compelled to attempt to initiate religious upheaval among the Romans and convert them from Christianity to Hellenism? What makes him think he can succeed at this monumental task?

8. Several things happen that suggest to Julian that his death may be imminent. Cite some of these occurrences. What does Julian think about these incidents and how does he react?

9. Julian has grown more and more enamored with belief in the Hellenistic gods and more distant from Christianity. His dislike of Christian holidays is well known. Why does he publicly celebrate Epiphany?

10. How does Julian react when the signs and messages from the deities are not what he wants to hear?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Julian is searching to establish his identity, but circumstances force him to grow up quickly and make some tough choices. Discuss Julian's 'coming of age.' How do his experiences while growing into manhood shape him as a man and as a ruler?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss some of the issue of religious conflict that are explored in this book as Julian shifts from religious ambivalence (doubt, lack of faith) to attraction and commitment to Hellenism. Explain why Julian's religious sensibilities are so important and what effect religion has on his life and career.

Essay Topic 3

Libanius and Priscus introduce the story of Julian, participate in the action, and exchange correspondence that ends the book. What are the roles of Libanius and Priscus in the story? What narrative or stylistic purposes does it serve to have their letters and their recollections about Julian woven into the story? How do you reconcile their memories with his? Do you think they are sympathetic to Julian or not? Why or why not? How would you describe the literary purpose of these men with respect to the story?

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