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Short Answer Questions

1. Maximus is put to death for:

2. Priscus says that the omens for Julian personally are:

3. The deaf-mute child Julian saves from his men becomes:

4. In the year of the famine in Antioch, the leaders of Antioch:

5. In Section XXIII, the Persians attack during the hiatus and the skirmish escalates, until:

Short Essay Questions

1. After Constantius dies and his will is read, Julian's position as Augustus is solidified and validated. How? What is the first thing Julian does to demonstrate his power?

2. Once he is Augustus, how does Julian display his disdain for Christianity?

3. Describe the scene of the battle near Ctesiphon the next day. What does Julian do during the battle? What does he do immediately after the battle?

4. What happens when Julian's army encounters the Persian army near Ctesiphon? What orders does Julian give? How does he act in front of the troops? What do you think is actually going on in his mind?

5. Describe Julian's lifestyle after he becomes Augustus.

6. Throughout his life, Julian is influenced and makes decisions based on signs, omens and dreams. At one point, he dreams about a tree. Describe this dream and his interpretation of it.

7. Priscus, for one, takes a different viewpoint about Julian's popularity and his claims that he is beloved by the army and the people of Rome. What does Priscus say to Libanius about Julian's public image at the time of his ascension to Augustus?

8. Shortly after the battle of Ctesiphon, Julian is wounded in another battle when he is pierced in the side by a spear. Describe the incident and tell what the outcome is.

9. Julian claims to be tolerant of different religions. Why does he feel compelled to attempt to initiate religious upheaval among the Romans and convert them from Christianity to Hellenism? What makes him think he can succeed at this monumental task?

10. Julian may have a sense that he is becoming drunk with power and losing touch with real people and real issues. Describe the incident at the baths that illustrates his awareness.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Julian frequently insists that he wants nothing more in life than to be a scholar and philosopher. Do you believe this? Do you think it is a cover-up for other feelings? Write an essay in which you delve into Julian's heart and examine his true ambitions, his true motivations, and what drives him in his career.

Essay Topic 2

Julian is searching to establish his identity, but circumstances force him to grow up quickly and make some tough choices. Discuss Julian's 'coming of age.' How do his experiences while growing into manhood shape him as a man and as a ruler?

Essay Topic 3

From an early age, Julian has a nose for political correctness and self-preservation. Explore how this tendency to internalize his real thoughts and feelings (some might say deceive others about his true beliefs and intentions) manifested in several aspects of Julian's life.

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