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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Julian expresses doubts about the outcome of the Persian campaign to:
(a) His friend, Maximus.
(b) His mistress.
(c) Priscus.
(d) His priest.

2. Julian's general, Salutius, asks him to wait a week before pressing on with the military campaign. In a week's time, Salaius hopes that:
(a) Julian loses his enthusiasm for the campaign and agrees to return to Rome.
(b) The Persians retreat back to the Euphrates.
(c) The Persians run out of food and supplies.
(d) Reinforcements arrive to augment Julian's army.

3. After Julian becomes emperor, Priscus notices a change in his temperament. Priscus describes Julian as becoming:
(a) Moody and ill-tempered.
(b) Stubborn and intransigent.
(c) Vain and selfish.
(d) Indecisive.

4. Just a few miles from the Tigris River, Julian declares a brief respite from the fighting to:
(a) Pray, fast and meditate on his next steps.
(b) Repair the straps of his armor.
(c) Allow his lame horse to rest.
(d) Catch up on his journal so there is an accurate transcription of the events.

5. Before engaging in battle with the Persian troops, Julian takes a day off for:
(a) Prayer and meditation.
(b) Repair of his body armor.
(c) Games and horse racing.
(d) Sacrifice to the gods.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Persian army use ____ to carry their archers.

2. It is in Maiozamalcha that Julian finds the boy who becomes his servant. The boy is:

3. After Julian's death, _____ is named emperor.

4. Julian proposes burning his own ships so that:

5. The people of Antioch blame the famine on:

Short Essay Questions

1. Julian claims to be tolerant of different religions. Why does he feel compelled to attempt to initiate religious upheaval among the Romans and convert them from Christianity to Hellenism? What makes him think he can succeed at this monumental task?

2. After Constantius dies and his will is read, Julian's position as Augustus is solidified and validated. How? What is the first thing Julian does to demonstrate his power?

3. Describe the situation when Julian enters Persia at the start of the campaign when Julian, his generals and the troops first reach the Euphrates River.

4. Shortly after the battle of Ctesiphon, Julian is wounded in another battle when he is pierced in the side by a spear. Describe the incident and tell what the outcome is.

5. In his memoirs and his journal, Julian insists that his army and the people love him, that he goes to great lengths to avoid confrontation and do right by the populace, and that his ascension to power is due to the will of the people. Some of these recollections are rather self-serving. Describe some examples of these recollections.

6. How does Julian really feel about religion at the time of his ascension to the position of Augustus?

7. After several months as Augustus, Julian's temperament changes, according to Priscus. How does Julian change and why do you think this change occurs?

8. Julian has grown more and more enamored with belief in the Hellenistic gods and more distant from Christianity. His dislike of Christian holidays is well known. Why does he publicly celebrate Epiphany?

9. Describe the scene of the battle near Ctesiphon the next day. What does Julian do during the battle? What does he do immediately after the battle?

10. Describe the incidence of Helena's death.

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