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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Among the responsibilities that are weighing on Julian in Section XVII, are all of the following except:
(a) His obligation to produce an heir.
(b) His desire to effect religious conversion among the people.
(c) The duties associated with being emperor.
(d) The people's tendency to make him a scapegoat for every problem.

2. Julian is told of a plot to kill him involving:
(a) His deaf-mute servant.
(b) Someone close to him.
(c) Faustina.
(d) The surviving citizens of Maiozamalcha.

3. Julian proposes burning his own ships so that:
(a) They do not have to transport the ships overland.
(b) The troops are not distracted by the need to protect the ships.
(c) His men are not tempted to retreat.
(d) The vermin in the vessels are eliminated.

4. Constantius calls on his successor to care for:
(a) His wife, Faustina.
(b) His horses.
(c) The art treasures of Rome.
(d) The Parthenon.

5. When the senate does not ratify and obey his edict, Julian:
(a) Has three senators publicly flogged.
(b) Has the entire senate arrested.
(c) Filibusters until the senators grow weary and give in.
(d) Dismisses all the opposition senators.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Julian officially becomes Augustus, one of his first actions is to:

2. Julian expresses doubts about the outcome of the Persian campaign to:

3. According to this person, Julian's account is somewhat erroneous and self-serving:

4. Maximus and his wife make a pact concerning:

5. In Section XXIII, the Persians attack during the hiatus and the skirmish escalates, until:

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the incidence of Helena's death.

2. Describe the scene of the battle near Ctesiphon the next day. What does Julian do during the battle? What does he do immediately after the battle?

3. After several months as Augustus, Julian's temperament changes, according to Priscus. How does Julian change and why do you think this change occurs?

4. What happens during the year of the famine in Antioch? Who is responsible for the famine? Who is blamed?

5. Priscus, for one, takes a different viewpoint about Julian's popularity and his claims that he is beloved by the army and the people of Rome. What does Priscus say to Libanius about Julian's public image at the time of his ascension to Augustus?

6. After Constantius dies and his will is read, Julian's position as Augustus is solidified and validated. How? What is the first thing Julian does to demonstrate his power?

7. Julian has grown more and more enamored with belief in the Hellenistic gods and more distant from Christianity. His dislike of Christian holidays is well known. Why does he publicly celebrate Epiphany?

8. What is Constantius' response when Julian is acclaimed Augustus by the people? What does he do? How do you think he feels?

9. In his memoirs and his journal, Julian insists that his army and the people love him, that he goes to great lengths to avoid confrontation and do right by the populace, and that his ascension to power is due to the will of the people. Some of these recollections are rather self-serving. Describe some examples of these recollections.

10. How does Julian deal with the famine in Antioch?

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