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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In many ways, Bilbo Baggins is who?
(a) T.S. Eliot.
(b) C.S. Lewis.
(c) P.T. Barnum.
(d) J.R.R. Tolkien.

2. Rayner Unwin wanted Tolkien to send THE LORD OF THE RINGS posthaste. Why was Tolkien reluctant?
(a) He did not have a written copy of the book.
(b) He could not find an extra copy of the book.
(c) He did not trust Rayne.
(d) There was only one copy in existence.

3. In 1952, Rayner Unwin proposed a new deal to Tolkien for THE LORD OF THE RINGS. What was this deal?
(a) Tolkien would receive all of the profits from the book.
(b) Tolkien would receive a traditional contract with royalty payments.
(c) Tolkien would be contracted in a profit-sharing agreement.
(d) Tolkien could choose how much of a profit he wanted to make.

4. Why was Tolkien angry with his publishers?
(a) He never received his money on time.
(b) For the lack of publicity for one of the recent books.
(c) They do not seem to care about his work.
(d) They are lazy and unorganized.

5. The money began pouring in and soon Tolkien was worried about what?
(a) Having to move into a larger home.
(b) Having crazy fans.
(c) Having to pay an exorbitant amount in taxes.
(d) Being robbed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened when Oxford finally took notice of the book?

2. Tolkien said Unwin looked a lot like who?

3. As the story of THE HOBBIT moved along, some of what crept in?

4. This company eventually apologized to Tolkien and offered to do what?

5. The woman took the typescript, read it and then did what with it?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is this deal a good idea for Tolkien? Why or why not?

2. Why did Tolkien's relationship with Lewis deteriorate even further?

3. What does Unwin do with all of Tolkien's completed manuscripts? Why?

4. How was Edith feeling at this point? What helped her live out the end of her life in some peace and comfort?

5. How did Tolkien feel about having Allen and Unwin publish THE LORD OF THE RINGS? Why?

6. How did the money Tolkien made from this book affect him?

7. About what did Tolkien write to his son, Christopher?

8. What do Stanley Unwin and Ronald Tolkien think of one another?

9. What events took place regarding Tolkien's fame?

10. Of what did Lewis warn Tolkien?

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