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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The battle with the publishing company made Tolkien and his work what?
(a) Overnight sensations.
(b) Unsellable.
(c) Uninteresting.
(d) Disliked.

2. The story of THE HOBBIT was written for what purpose?
(a) For his mother.
(b) Tolkien's own amusement.
(c) As a part of Tolkien's great mythology.
(d) For Edith.

3. After Edith died, to where did Tolkien move?
(a) Milton Street.
(b) Merlon Street.
(c) Merton Street.
(d) Monroe Street.

4. While Tolkien stood to make more money, what did it also mean?
(a) He would not see any money until the cost of the book production was covered.
(b) He would have to pay Unwin more money at the end.
(c) He would have to pay more money.
(d) He would be harrassed by other publishing houses.

5. The war made things difficult for everyone in Europe and the Tolkiens often took in lodgers and also raised hens for what reason?
(a) To combat the shortage of eggs.
(b) They were asked to protect the hens from enemy fire.
(c) They liked to eat a lot of eggs.
(d) They enjoyed living in the country.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tolkien said Unwin looked a lot like who?

2. What was the place Tolkien had always considered to be his true home?

3. When did Edith Bratt Tolkien die?

4. Why did the maps have to be redrawn?

5. Tolkien insisted on drawing maps for what purpose?

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