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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rayner Unwin wanted Tolkien to send THE LORD OF THE RINGS posthaste. Why was Tolkien reluctant?
(a) He did not have a written copy of the book.
(b) He could not find an extra copy of the book.
(c) He did not trust Rayne.
(d) There was only one copy in existence.

2. Which child did Tolkien write letters to in particular?
(a) Francis.
(b) Christopher.
(c) John.
(d) Priscilla.

3. Tolkien wrote to Stanley Unwin to tell him what?
(a) THE LORD OF THE RINGS was finished.
(b) He should come pick up a copy of the finished book.
(c) He did not want him to publish THE LORD OF THE RINGS.
(d) He should have it published quickly.

4. The Hobbit had been abandoned until a student of Tolkien's mentioned it to whom?
(a) A college friend who was working for a London publisher.
(b) The president of Oxford.
(c) Christopher.
(d) Edith.

5. Michael attended Trinity College, and went on to become what?
(a) A professor.
(b) A member of Parliament.
(c) An anti-aircraft gunner.
(d) A lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Several years of delays and mishaps occurred until in ________ when Tolkien gave up on Collins and went back to Allen and Unwin.

2. Christopher recovered from his ailment, returned to school and eventually did what?

3. Who looked after Tolkien after his return to Oxford?

4. To where did the Tolkiens move?

5. As the time drew near for the book to be published of what was Tolkien afraid?

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