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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To Tolkien, this death represented what?
(a) The end of his life.
(b) The end of an era.
(c) The beginning of an era.
(d) The end of the world.

2. At the Oratory, who does Mabel Tolkien meet?
(a) Father Filipo Alessandro Mulligan.
(b) Father Frank Alexander Montgomery.
(c) Father Francis Xavier Morgan.
(d) Father Frederick Xander Miller.

3. What does Mabel think of Bloemfontein?
(a) She does not think anything of it.
(b) She loves it.
(c) She is not fond of it.
(d) She is afraid of it.

4. What was Ronald's group of friends and fellow students unofficially named?
(a) The "Literature Club."
(b) The "Authors' Club."
(c) The "Tea Club."
(d) The "Boys' Club."

5. In 1917, Edith gave birth to a baby boy, John Francis Reuel; the name Francis as a tribute to whom?
(a) Tolkien's grandfather.
(b) Father Francis Morgan.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her grandfather.

Short Answer Questions

1. Carpenter is expected, but is greeted with some puzzlement. Why?

2. Together Gordon and Tolkien formed what?

3. Why does the couple move into the Bank House?

4. Ronald and Edith return from their honeymoon, and Ronald receives his first rejection letter for what?

5. Why is the baby named John?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Edith live away from Ronald for a period of time?

2. Who was the Tolkiens' second son when was he born?

3. Why is Ronald allowed to contact Edith? What did Ronald learn about Edith?

4. What did Tolkien do while he was recovering from trench fever?

5. What is odd about the Bloemfontein home?

6. What happens when Mabel and the boys return to England for a visit?

7. How does Mabel feel about Bloemfontein? How does she act in regards to her feelings? Why does she act this way?

8. When does Mabel arrive in South Africa? What takes place at the time of their wedding?

9. What does Ronald think of Exeter College?

10. What happens during the summer of 1914?

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