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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Part one relays details of what?
(a) Humphrey Carpenter's visit to Ronald Tolkien in 1967.
(b) Humphrey Carpenter's visit to Ronald Tolkien in 1947.
(c) Humphrey Carpenter's visit to Ronald Tolkien in 1957.
(d) Humphrey Carpenter's visit to Ronald Tolkien in 1977.

2. Tolkien had decided that in order to create a new language he would also have to create what?
(a) A new country.
(b) A new alphabet.
(c) A history around it.
(d) A new planet.

3. Why does the couple move into the Bank House?
(a) It is near the train station.
(b) It is in England.
(c) It is on the premises of the Bank of Africa, where Arthur is employed.
(d) It is a small, modest home.

4. What does Mabel think of Bloemfontein?
(a) She is not fond of it.
(b) She does not think anything of it.
(c) She is afraid of it.
(d) She loves it.

5. When did Father Francis permit Tolkien to write to Edith?
(a) On Easter.
(b) On Christmas.
(c) On his birthday.
(d) On her birthday.

6. What happens in 1895 when Mabel and the boys return to England for a visit?
(a) Arthur Tolkien's health begins to fail.
(b) Mabel Tolkien says she is not leaving England.
(c) Mabel Tolkien's health begins to fail.
(d) Arthur Tolkien says they can stay.

7. In 1929 Edith gave birth to their fourth and final child, ___________.
(a) Penny Megan Reuel.
(b) Priscilla Mary Reuel.
(c) Penelope Maria Reuel.
(d) Patricia Morgan Reuel.

8. Ronald managed to fit in with the help of some fellow ___________.
(a) Catholic students.
(b) Protestant students.
(c) Young men.
(d) Freshmen.

9. How does Ronald feel the moment he sets foot on campus?
(a) He misses King Edward's school.
(b) He knows the college was bound to be his real home.
(c) He is unhappy and depressed.
(d) He is very nervous and unsure.

10. Some also believe that Mabel's death encouraged Tolkien to do what?
(a) Marry Edith.
(b) Stay in school.
(c) Expand his study of various languages.
(d) Become a Catholic.

11. Father Francis was still angry with Ronald for what?
(a) Getting married.
(b) Leaving King Edward's school.
(c) Deceiving him regarding the relationship of Edith.
(d) Skipping school.

12. Ronald was stricken with what the doctors referred to as what?
(a) "Pyrexia of unknown origin."
(b) "A fever of unknown origin."
(c) "Trench fever."
(d) "Trench disease."

13. Until the late 1800s, at what university were most of the college fellows required to take holy vows and not permitted to marry?
(a) Yale.
(b) Oxford.
(c) Harvard.
(d) Cambridge.

14. The important thing for Tolkien was to be able to create a remote and strange land while adhering to what?
(a) Other's beliefs.
(b) His mother's beliefs.
(c) His beliefs.
(d) Society's rules.

15. Whose words inspired Tolkien to write his great epic work?
(a) G.B. Smith's words.
(b) T.S. Elliot's words.
(c) C.S. Lewis' words.
(d) Hilary's words.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1891 Mabel Suffield leaves her family in Birmingham to travel where?

2. In the spring of 1904 Mabel is diagnosed with what?

3. Many people question how Tolkien could create a mythology without a clear presence of ________ considering his devout Catholic faith.

4. Did Father Francis accept the news of the engagement?

5. At the Oratory, who does Mabel Tolkien meet?

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