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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For the next couple of years why did Edith travel?
(a) To be with Ronald.
(b) To explore the world.
(c) To be away from home.
(d) To have some freedom.

2. Why did Ronald not follow suit when Hilary signed up to become a soldier?
(a) He did not believe in war.
(b) He was not feeling well.
(c) He was concerned about leaving Oxford and wanted to finish his studies.
(d) He was afraid of war.

3. What was the sole purpose of this club?
(a) To eat Swedish food.
(b) To learn a foreign language.
(c) To read Scandinavian literature.
(d) To drink massive quantities of beer, read sagas, and sing.

4. In 1924, Edith gave birth to a third son, Christopher Reuel, named after whom?
(a) Christopher Moore.
(b) Christopher Wren.
(c) Christopher Robin.
(d) Christopher Wiseman.

5. Additionally, Tolkien wanted to create an English mythology like that of the Norse or Finnish cultures using the same intense feeling he put into what?
(a) His early operas.
(b) His early poetry.
(c) His early plays.
(d) His early songs.

6. Father Francis was still angry with Ronald for what?
(a) Deceiving him regarding the relationship of Edith.
(b) Leaving King Edward's school.
(c) Getting married.
(d) Skipping school.

7. Some also believe that Mabel's death encouraged Tolkien to do what?
(a) Expand his study of various languages.
(b) Become a Catholic.
(c) Stay in school.
(d) Marry Edith.

8. Ronald was stricken with what the doctors referred to as what?
(a) "Trench disease."
(b) "A fever of unknown origin."
(c) "Pyrexia of unknown origin."
(d) "Trench fever."

9. Why did Edith and her cousin Jennie Grove move back to Cheltenham?
(a) Edith was tired of Tolkien.
(b) Edith missed her family.
(c) Edith missed home.
(d) Edith was pregnant and completely miserable.

10. Tolkien began writing what he referred to as "The Book of Lost Tales." The first story would eventually become what?
(a) "Silmarillion."
(b) "Sillymarine."
(c) "Sallysubmarine."
(d) "Salamander."

11. Ronald and Edith return from their honeymoon, and Ronald receives his first rejection letter for what?
(a) A myth.
(b) A novel.
(c) Poetry.
(d) A play.

12. Meanwhile Mabel and the boys would live where?
(a) In an inexpensive rental.
(b) With her in-laws.
(c) With her parents.
(d) With friends.

13. While in service Tolkien received a letter from his friend, G. B. Smith, stating that who had been killed?
(a) Rob Gilson.
(b) Job Gilson.
(c) Joe Gibson.
(d) Bob Gibson.

14. When did Father Francis permit Tolkien to write to Edith?
(a) On Christmas.
(b) On Easter.
(c) On his birthday.
(d) On her birthday.

15. How does Mabel feel when Arthur tells his father that he cannot see returning to England on a permanent basis?
(a) Worried.
(b) Angry.
(c) Disappointed.
(d) Depressed.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1920, Ronald applied for a job at the University of Leeds as what?

2. What does Mabel decide to do about her children's education?

3. Why was Ronald eager to please Father Francis?

4. In 1922, Tolkien was appointed to the position of Professorship of the English Language. What is unique about this position?

5. Why does the couple move into the Bank House?

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