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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens in 1895 when Mabel and the boys return to England for a visit?
(a) Arthur Tolkien's health begins to fail.
(b) Mabel Tolkien says she is not leaving England.
(c) Mabel Tolkien's health begins to fail.
(d) Arthur Tolkien says they can stay.

2. Ronald managed to fit in with the help of some fellow ___________.
(a) Young men.
(b) Freshmen.
(c) Protestant students.
(d) Catholic students.

3. Tolkien and Lewis both indulged in wearing what type of clothing?
(a) Extremely unusual clothes.
(b) Extremely flashy clothes.
(c) Extremely masculine clothes.
(d) Extremely fashionable clothes.

4. Why is the trip to England postponed?
(a) Mabel becomes pregnant.
(b) There is a horrible storm.
(c) Mabel becomes ill.
(d) Arthur loses his job.

5. Why is the baby named John?
(a) After his uncle.
(b) After a friend of the family.
(c) After his father.
(d) After his grandfather.

6. Members of Exeter College saw great promise in the student and suggested that Ronald become what?
(a) A philologist.
(b) A philosopher.
(c) A psychologist.
(d) A playwright.

7. The small sum of money that had been invested by Arthur would only bring an income of ___________________ per week, an amount that is barely enough to sustain the family at the poverty level.
(a) 30 pounds.
(b) 50 pounds.
(c) 30 shillings.
(d) 50 shillings.

8. St. Philip's is not the best school for the boys and eventually Ronald wins a scholarship to where?
(a) King Phillip's school.
(b) King William's school.
(c) King Edward's school.
(d) King Harry's school.

9. North Oxford had become a community of academics, their wives, and families who lived where?
(a) In small, modest homes.
(b) In large apartments.
(c) In cheap rental homes.
(d) In the grand mansions and suburban villas.

10. Part one relays details of what?
(a) Humphrey Carpenter's visit to Ronald Tolkien in 1947.
(b) Humphrey Carpenter's visit to Ronald Tolkien in 1957.
(c) Humphrey Carpenter's visit to Ronald Tolkien in 1977.
(d) Humphrey Carpenter's visit to Ronald Tolkien in 1967.

11. As Ronald and Edith's wedding drew nearer, what became a concern?
(a) The subject of children.
(b) The subject of where the wedding would be held.
(c) The subject of where they would live.
(d) The subject of religion.

12. Ronald received medical care, but never got any better. What happened next?
(a) He was released back to battle.
(b) He stayed in a hospital in Germany.
(c) He was sent to a hospital in the United States.
(d) He was sent home to England.

13. Whose words inspired Tolkien to write his great epic work?
(a) T.S. Elliot's words.
(b) C.S. Lewis' words.
(c) G.B. Smith's words.
(d) Hilary's words.

14. Tolkien jumped into his studies and was thrilled when he had the opportunity to do what?
(a) Meet Edith.
(b) Meet C.S. Lewis.
(c) Meet Father Francis for dinner.
(d) Meet Joseph Wright, a Professor of Comparative Philology.

15. How does Ronald feel the moment he sets foot on campus?
(a) He misses King Edward's school.
(b) He is unhappy and depressed.
(c) He knows the college was bound to be his real home.
(d) He is very nervous and unsure.

Short Answer Questions

1. Carpenter points out that in every photograph the situation and location seemed to be what?

2. One notable aspect of the photos is what?

3. In the spring of 1904 Mabel is diagnosed with what?

4. Meanwhile Mabel and the boys would live where?

5. In 1929 Edith gave birth to their fourth and final child, ___________.

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