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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what did Tolkien's depression prevent him?
(a) Working.
(b) Going out with friends.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Talking to Edith.

2. People began to call when?
(a) At night.
(b) At all hours of the day and night.
(c) In the morning.
(d) When he was in meetings.

3. Where did Tolkien work when he returned to Oxford?
(a) In a library.
(b) The New English Dictionary workroom.
(c) In the school bookstore.
(d) In a Barnes and Noble.

4. The important thing for Tolkien was to be able to create a remote and strange land while adhering to what?
(a) His mother's beliefs.
(b) His beliefs.
(c) Other's beliefs.
(d) Society's rules.

5. The money was coming in and Tolkien found that he would not have to do what?
(a) Write again.
(b) Pay another bill.
(c) Publish another book.
(d) Worry about funds ever again.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rayner Unwin wanted Tolkien to send THE LORD OF THE RINGS posthaste. Why was Tolkien reluctant?

2. What did the Tolkiens hope would give them some relief from the almost constant and intolerable flow of visitors, mail, and gifts that were always present in Headington?

3. Letters and cards from fans started pouring in by the __________ and Tolkien soon found himself completely overwhelmed.

4. Several years of delays and mishaps occurred until in ________ when Tolkien gave up on Collins and went back to Allen and Unwin.

5. In 1922, Tolkien was appointed to the position of Professorship of the English Language. What is unique about this position?

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