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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At this point Carpenter introduces __________, a friend of Tolkien's and popular lecturer on medieval studies.
(a) T.S. Eliot.
(b) P.T. Deutermann.
(c) P.T. Barnum.
(d) C.S. Lewis.

2. What did Tolkien and Stanley Unwin think of each other?
(a) The other was quite strange.
(b) The other was insane.
(c) They were very similar.
(d) The other was rude.

3. What is one of the many strange disturbances in the house at Bloemfontein?
(a) Earthquakes occur.
(b) Monkeys climbing over the wall.
(c) The home is silent.
(d) New hired help is brought in daily.

4. After reading through Tolkien's completed manuscripts, what did Unwin do?
(a) He chose most of them to be published.
(b) He rejected all of them in favor of another book written as a sequel to The Hobbit.
(c) He chose a few of them to publish.
(d) He threw them away.

5. Ronald was stricken with what the doctors referred to as what?
(a) "Trench disease."
(b) "Trench fever."
(c) "Pyrexia of unknown origin."
(d) "A fever of unknown origin."

Short Answer Questions

1. Without Edith, Ronald focused his entire life around what?

2. The woman took the typescript, read it and then did what with it?

3. Regardless of how The Hobbit is viewed, it was intended to be what?

4. Why was Ronald eager to please Father Francis?

5. In writing THE LORD OF THE RINGS Tolkien became frustrated and did not know what?

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