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Short Answer Questions

1. Jing-Mei Woo travels to China with ____________________-.

2. An-Mei's brother cannot come with their mother because _______________________________.

3. The grandmother asks the baby to teach her mother how to lose innocence, without losing hope, and _________________________-.

4. Suyuan Woo compares Waverly to a crab, saying she _________________________________________.

5. Rose Hu's confession that her marriage is ending prompts An-Mei to __________________________________-.

Short Essay Questions

1. Does Rose grow in this chapter?

2. The fact that June Woo's mother has searched for a lifetime for her two daughters, and then dies before she can see them again, is strongly ironic. How might the story have been different if she had lived to make the trip to China and reunited with her daughters?

3. Lindo knows Waverly's weak spots, and pokes at them. Discuss what they are.

4. Did Lena's mother knock the table over that shattered the vase in her bedroom?

5. How does it affect Jing-Mei to meet her long lost sisters in China?

6. Why does Lena have such a strange financial relationship with Harold?

7. Why did An-Mei feel she had no choice but to marry Wu Tsing?

8. Discuss what is meant in this chapter by "double face."

9. What is the lesson the woman is trying to impart, and the question she is wanting to have answered?

10. Is there a character in this story who might be represented in this parable?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about matchmaking in China. Although this practice was certainly not confined to China, it was practiced for several reasons, besides simply tradition. Research and understand the importance of this process, and share it in an essay, with examples and illustrations.

Essay Topic 2

Suyuan Woo made the decision to leave her two small babies at the side of the road out of pure desperation, hoping that someone would find them and care for them, since she could not. She spent her adult life trying to find her lost daughters. Write a persuasive essay about the pros and cons of adoption and take a position. Don't forget to comment on laws that prevent or allow biological parents and children to contact one another.

Essay Topic 3

Write a history of the game of Mah Jong, and provide a general description of how the game is played. Is it still a popular custom with the Chinese? What other games can it be compared to? Is it a game of concentration and focus, or simple entertainment and chance?

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