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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. The child's mother responds to the question about the twenty six gates, by _________________________________.

2. When in China, the women of the Joy Luck Club were not allowed __________________________.

3. Besides losing her name, Lena's mother lost ________________________.

4. Jeing-mei learns that her mother's lost babies ______________________________________.

5. The Mah Jong tiles are arranged into ___________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss why the current members of the Joy Luck Club have invested their winnings in the stock market.

2. How could a woman with twin babies leave them at the side of the road?

3. Why does Rose's mother say that Rose is without wood?

4. What triggers Ying-Ying's early memory of her traumatic fall from the family boat?

5. Does the little girl fall from the bicycle because her mother is right, or because she is afraid her mother is right, or is it just a chance circumstance?

6. The parable is obviously based on a current-day story in which one of the mothers in the book tries to warn her daughter of her superstitions. Discuss other instances in the book up until this point where mothers feel they know so much more than their daughters.

7. What does Jing-Mei's mother mean when she says that everyone else, with the exception of Jing-Mei, wants the best quality? How is Jing-Mei different?

8. The imagery of the woman fluttering her arms when the swan is taken from her is sad. What does it imply?

9. Why is Bing's name written in erasable pencil in the Bible's Death section?

10. Why is Jing-Mei satisfied to hit the wrong notes on the piano?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Moon Festival is a very important Chinese holiday. Research this holiday and write an essay on what it means, how it is celebrated, the food, the rituals, the time of year and all the implications of the Moon Festival. Finally, determine whether Americans celebrate anything similar. If so, compare and contrast the two.

Essay Topic 2

On page 22 of The Joy Luck Club, Suyuan Woo describes the effects of war on the town of Kweilin. In effect, people from all walks of life became more equal in the midst of a disaster. Write an expository essay about events that tend to "level the playing field" in our society, whether as a whole or in groups or sectors. Consider natural disasters, economic disasters, political and other events.

Essay Topic 3

Every year people are swept out to sea while vacationing at the beaches on the Pacific coastline. Rose Hsu's younger brother, Bing, got into a particularly precarious position before losing his life in the powerful ocean. Research and write an essay about the several predictable things that people do, or things that they ignore at the coast, that can prove dangerous and sometimes fatal. (This information is readily available from California, Oregon and Washington government agencies.) Why is this such an ongoing problem?

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