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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For dinner, Jing-mei and Canning share with his relatives ____________________________.
(a) Chicken wrapped in clay
(b) Peking duck and noodles
(c) Soup in a carved melon
(d) Hamburgers, fries and apple pie

2. Waverly chooses the best crab on the platter for _______________________.
(a) Herself
(b) June Woo
(c) Her daugher, Shoshanna
(d) Her fiance, Rich

3. Lindo's oldest son, Winston, ___________________________.
(a) Went away to school
(b) Is a Chinese Baptist
(c) Went to college and became a doctor
(d) Died in a car accident at sixteen

4. Ying-Ying's name means _____________________.
(a) Clear Reflection
(b) Quiet Spirit
(c) Flying Tiger
(d) Timid Bird

5. Suyuan Woo feels that by wearing the jade pendant, Jing-mei will _____________________________.
(a) Understand her life's importance
(b) Be a good daughter
(c) Find a good relationship
(d) Have stronger self-esteem

Short Answer Questions

1. During an epidemic in Shanghai, Ying-Ying worked in ____________________.

2. An-Mei's mother makes life in Tientsin sound __________________________________.

3. An-Mei's brother cannot come with their mother because _______________________________.

4. Waverly gives up chess for good because she ________________________________-.

5. Lindo disapproves of Waverly's mink because ___________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jing-Mei's mother mean when she says that everyone else, with the exception of Jing-Mei, wants the best quality? How is Jing-Mei different?

2. Does Ying-Ying love her husband, Saint?

3. Ying-Ying's story is vast and complex, and one that her daughter has never known or understood. Why, in this chapter, has she decided to tell Lena everything about her life?

4. It becomes more obvious in this chapter the kinds of adults that Jing-Mei and Waverly have grown into. Who is more likable?

5. What is the purpose of a mother trying to impose her own values on her daughter's life?

6. Did Lena's mother knock the table over that shattered the vase in her bedroom?

7. Why is An-Mei's family so miserable?

8. What is the lesson the woman is trying to impart, and the question she is wanting to have answered?

9. Lindo was a very strong girl, traveling alone and finding her way in San Francisco. How does Waverly compare to her mother in terms of strength and character?

10. Does Rose grow in this chapter?

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