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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The grandmother wonders aloud whether ____________________________________________.
(a) She is truly innocent or holds many secrets inside
(b) The baby is laughing at her or with her
(c) The baby has come from a royal place with Buddha
(d) She sees negative things in others because she has them herself

2. The grandmother wonders if the child is laughing because __________________________________.
(a) She knows her grandmother has become evil
(b) Buddha is teaching her to laugh for no reason
(c) She is seeing her grandmother's suspicious nose
(d) She knows more about the world than most

3. Lindo knows that Chinese people will know that her daughter ___________________.
(a) Is well-to-do
(b) Is not Chinese
(c) Is a good wife
(d) Is highly educated

4. Lena and Harold are both _________________.
(a) Architects
(b) Building designers
(c) Realtors
(d) Contractors

5. Rich's reaction to his unintended insults toward Lindo was _________________________________________.
(a) He admitted his bleak failure
(b) He thinks they do not like him
(c) He was loyal to Waverly
(d) He never realized he had done anything wrong

Short Answer Questions

1. The mother has purchased a new mirror at _______________________.

2. The grandmother admits that she ______________________________-.

3. The characters in this parable are ______________________________.

4. Jing-Mei's paternal aunt and her father speak ____________________.

5. Jing-Mei Woo travels to China with ____________________-.

Short Essay Questions

1. "Peach blossom luck" is a feng shui belief that certain objects and angles in a room will influence the happiness and longevity of a marriage. Discuss why or why not this might be possible.

2. Ying-Ying's story is vast and complex, and one that her daughter has never known or understood. Why, in this chapter, has she decided to tell Lena everything about her life?

3. Discuss what is meant in this chapter by "double face."

4. What is the purpose of a mother trying to impose her own values on her daughter's life?

5. Why does Rose's mother say that Rose is without wood?

6. Lindo knows Waverly's weak spots, and pokes at them. Discuss what they are.

7. What is the lesson the woman is trying to impart, and the question she is wanting to have answered?

8. Why does Lena have such a strange financial relationship with Harold?

9. Why is An-Mei's family so miserable?

10. How does it affect Jing-Mei to meet her long lost sisters in China?

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