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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Canning Woo's nickname, Syau Yen, means __________________.
(a) Little ghost
(b) Small fox
(c) Little Wild Goose
(d) Happy boy

2. Rose being "without wood" symbolizes ________________________.
(a) Her
(b) Her weak nature
(c) Her lack of furniture
(d) Her lack of a home

3. Lena is certain her mother is able to _________________________.
(a) Figure things out
(b) See all the bad things around her
(c) Read tea leaves
(d) See the future

4. Rose finds the imagery of Ted doing monkey business __________________.
(a) Disgusting
(b) Outrageous
(c) Humorous
(d) Unnerving

5. Waverly chooses the best crab on the platter for _______________________.
(a) Her fiance, Rich
(b) June Woo
(c) Her daugher, Shoshanna
(d) Herself

Short Answer Questions

1. The vase that breaks in the bedroom symbolizes _____________________________.

2. This daughter is tired of her mother's habit of ______________________________.

3. The grandmother asks the baby to teach her mother how to lose innocence, without losing hope, and _________________________-.

4. The characters in this parable are ______________________________.

5. Waverly gives up chess for good because she ________________________________-.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the lesson the woman is trying to impart, and the question she is wanting to have answered?

2. "Peach blossom luck" is a feng shui belief that certain objects and angles in a room will influence the happiness and longevity of a marriage. Discuss why or why not this might be possible.

3. Is there a character in this story who might be represented in this parable?

4. Lindo was a very strong girl, traveling alone and finding her way in San Francisco. How does Waverly compare to her mother in terms of strength and character?

5. Why does Lena have such a strange financial relationship with Harold?

6. The fact that June Woo's mother has searched for a lifetime for her two daughters, and then dies before she can see them again, is strongly ironic. How might the story have been different if she had lived to make the trip to China and reunited with her daughters?

7. Does Rose grow in this chapter?

8. Why did An-Mei feel she had no choice but to marry Wu Tsing?

9. Did Lena's mother knock the table over that shattered the vase in her bedroom?

10. How does it affect Jing-Mei to meet her long lost sisters in China?

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