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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The vase that breaks in the bedroom symbolizes _____________________________.
(a) Lena's mother's prophecy
(b) The separation of two halves
(c) Lena and Harold's marriage
(d) Harold's insensitivity

2. Waverly had to become ill before her mother would _____________________________-.
(a) Feed her again
(b) Speak to her again
(c) Forbid her to play
(d) Encourage her to play

3. Ying-Ying feels that aborting her baby was ______________________.
(a) A weak moment
(b) An act of strength
(c) A mortal sin
(d) An immature act

4. The grandmother asks the baby to teach her mother how to lose innocence, without losing hope, and _________________________-.
(a) How to be Queen of the Western Skis
(b) How to laugh forever
(c) How to forgive everyone
(d) How to be a good mother

5. Lena and Harold are both _________________.
(a) Realtors
(b) Building designers
(c) Architects
(d) Contractors

Short Answer Questions

1. An-Mei's mother told her a story of a tear-eating __________________.

2. The characters in this parable are ______________________________.

3. The grandmother imagines the baby in this parable to be ________________________.

4. During the war, it was not well-known that the Japanese entered ________________________.

5. Rose finds the imagery of Ted doing monkey business __________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Rose's mother say that Rose is without wood?

2. Did Lena's mother knock the table over that shattered the vase in her bedroom?

3. Lindo was a very strong girl, traveling alone and finding her way in San Francisco. How does Waverly compare to her mother in terms of strength and character?

4. Is there a character in this story who might be represented in this parable?

5. Does Rose grow in this chapter?

6. Lindo knows Waverly's weak spots, and pokes at them. Discuss what they are.

7. In this chapter we learn the origin of Bing's name. What is it?

8. It becomes more obvious in this chapter the kinds of adults that Jing-Mei and Waverly have grown into. Who is more likable?

9. Why is An-Mei's family so miserable?

10. Discuss what is meant in this chapter by "double face."

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