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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Waverly's mother uses Waverly __________________________.
(a) To preserve her Chinese customs
(b) As a second income stream
(c) To help with housework
(d) As a source of pride

2. The Hsu family had four sons and ______________________.
(a) Three daughters
(b) Two daughters
(c) One daughter
(d) Four daughters

3. Jing-mei's piano teacher is ________________________.
(a) Cranky
(b) Well known
(c) Very attentive
(d) Deaf, like Beethoven

4. An-Mei's mother is considered a "ghost" because _________________________________.
(a) She has had too many children
(b) She had children out of wedlock
(c) She has deserted her children
(d) She is only a fourth wife

5. The eternal aspect of Lindo's marriage was symbolized _________________________________.
(a) A tea ceremony about eternity
(b) A ride through town on a palanquin
(c) A ceremony with red scarves
(d) With a candle lit at both ends

Short Answer Questions

1. Popo says a girl who refused to listen to her elders ___________________________.

2. Waverly's mother says Waverly's success can be attributed to _______________.

3. Lena's family moves up in status by moving _____________________________.

4. The child in this parable is __________________.

5. Very few guests attended Lindo's wedding because _______________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Ying-Ying has remained a frightened child into her adulthood, and now her daughter is forced to live with Ying-Ying's fears. Why is Ying-Ying St. Clair so afraid?

2. The parable is obviously based on a current-day story in which one of the mothers in the book tries to warn her daughter of her superstitions. Discuss other instances in the book up until this point where mothers feel they know so much more than their daughters.

3. Discuss the reason that An-Mei's mother is considered a "ghost" and does not live with her children.

4. Waverly Place Jong is named after the street she lives on in San Francisco. Discuss other instances where children are named after localities, ideas or unusual things.

5. Discuss Ying-Ying's mental state and some of its origins.

6. The woman wishes for a daughter just like herself, but there are some caveats. Discuss the things she does not want for her daughter.

7. The imagery of the woman fluttering her arms when the swan is taken from her is sad. What does it imply?

8. Waverly's unusual talent becomes a reason to pamper and spoil her. Does she appreciate this treatment? How does it affect her?

9. Discuss why the woman has never told her daughter about the single feather she kept from the swan.

10. Jing-Mei Woo's mother has great expectations of her daughter. Why is she like this?

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