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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The child of this Chinese mother proves to be ______________________________.
(a) Happy to stay where t is safe
(b) Slightly slow
(c) Strong willed and disrespectful
(d) Happy and rambunctious

2. The eternal aspect of Lindo's marriage was symbolized _________________________________.
(a) With a candle lit at both ends
(b) A ride through town on a palanquin
(c) A tea ceremony about eternity
(d) A ceremony with red scarves

3. An-Mei Hsu uses her Bible as ___________________________________.
(a) A stabilizer under the leg of her table
(b) An excuse for all of her bad experiences
(c) A crutch to try to be right about everything
(d) A family history

4. Ying-Ying feels that both she and her grown daughter are ______________.
(a) Depressed
(b) Lost
(c) Angry
(d) Afraid

5. The woman's daughter speaks _______________________.
(a) Only English
(b) An unfamiliar dialect
(c) A combination of foreign languages
(d) Only Chinese

Short Answer Questions

1. The woman's plans for the swan involve _________________________________.

2. In this parable, the corner represents ________________________________.

3. In order to promote her fertility, Lindo was given ________________________.

4. The Hsu family went to beach so that Rose's father could __________________________.

5. Auntie had a tongue "like hungry scissors _________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. June Woo started the American Joy Luck Club because she sensed the grief in the other Chinese people she met here. How does the club help June Woo deal with her own tragic memories?

2. Jing-Mei Woo's mother and Waverly Jong's mother compete through their daughters' failures and successes. Are the two women friends?

3. Jing-Mei Woo's mother has great expectations of her daughter. Why is she like this?

4. The imagery of the woman fluttering her arms when the swan is taken from her is sad. What does it imply?

5. Discuss why the woman has never told her daughter about the single feather she kept from the swan.

6. Why is Jing-Mei satisfied to hit the wrong notes on the piano?

7. Why would Lindo begin to think of her cruel husband as a god?

8. The woman wishes for a daughter just like herself, but there are some caveats. Discuss the things she does not want for her daughter.

9. Discuss Ying-Ying's mental state and some of its origins.

10. Why is Waverly disrespectful of her mother?

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