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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The pastor, Wing, was a __________________________-.
(a) A longtime friend of Rose's mother
(b) Childhood friend of Rose's brother
(c) A childhood friend of Ted's
(d) A convicted criminal

2. Waverly chooses the best crab on the platter for _______________________.
(a) Herself
(b) Her daugher, Shoshanna
(c) June Woo
(d) Her fiance, Rich

3. The sisters in China were told their mother was dead by __________________.
(a) A letter from Auntie Lindo
(b) Jing-Mei
(c) A phone call from Auntie An-Mei
(d) A telegram from Jing-Mei's father

4. During an epidemic in Shanghai, Ying-Ying worked in ____________________.
(a) A local hospital
(b) The farmers' market
(c) Her relatives' home
(d) A clothing store

5. Why will a second mirror help the daughter?
(a) Another mirror will scare away bad energy
(b) Two mirrors balance the emotions
(c) The two mirrors will multiply luck
(d) Bad omens dissolve between the two

6. An-Mei's brother cannot come with their mother because _______________________________.
(a) He would lose any hope for a future
(b) Boys must stay home to care for their aunts
(c) She has not invited him to follow her
(d) His aunt and uncle forbid it

7. Three days of sleeping may have given Rose _________________.
(a) New nightmares about Ted
(b) A deeper sense of confusion
(c) A break from work
(d) A new strength

8. Waverly has an ignorant fear of Jing-mei's hairdresser _______________________________.
(a) Because he is reckless
(b) Because he works on Howard Street
(c) Because she fears for her daughter
(d) Because he is gay

9. The grandmother wonders aloud whether ____________________________________________.
(a) The baby has come from a royal place with Buddha
(b) She is truly innocent or holds many secrets inside
(c) The baby is laughing at her or with her
(d) She sees negative things in others because she has them herself

10. Jing-Mei's paternal aunt and her father speak ____________________.
(a) English
(b) The Cantonese dialect
(c) The Mandarin dialect
(d) Sechuan

11. The grandmother admits that she ______________________________-.
(a) Taught her daughter to be suspicious
(b) Taught her daughter to be free
(c) Taught her daughter to shed her innocence
(d) Knows she will live forever

12. This daughter is tired of her mother's habit of ______________________________.
(a) Seeing bad omens in everything
(b) Warning her about her marriage
(c) Trying to fix everything
(d) Projecting her negativity outward

13. Rose Hu's confession that her marriage is ending prompts An-Mei to __________________________________-.
(a) Relive the memories of her childhood
(b) Become depressed, as she was in childhood
(c) Compare her to her aunt
(d) Beg Rose to not lose hope

14. Waverly gives up chess for good because she ________________________________-.
(a) No longer believes she has a gift
(b) Lost track of her strategy
(c) Begins to lose tournaments
(d) Is tired of dealing with her mother

15. Lena is certain her mother is able to _________________________.
(a) Read tea leaves
(b) Figure things out
(c) See all the bad things around her
(d) See the future

Short Answer Questions

1. An-Mei's mother was not always a fourth wife, but was once a _______________________.

2. Why did Lena feel she caused Arnold's death?

3. Lindo disapproves of Waverly's mink because ___________________________.

4. Rich Schields makes several mistakes at dinner, the worst being ___________________________________.

5. Lindo is ashamed that Waverly _________________________.

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