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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lindo is disappointed that she could not __________________________________.
(a) Teach her daughter how to better speak Chinese
(b) Instill Chinese character in her daughter
(c) Teach her daughter to do things the easy way
(d) Get her daughter to give up American ways

2. Waverly had to become ill before her mother would _____________________________-.
(a) Feed her again
(b) Encourage her to play
(c) Forbid her to play
(d) Speak to her again

3. Ying-Ying's name means _____________________.
(a) Clear Reflection
(b) Timid Bird
(c) Quiet Spirit
(d) Flying Tiger

4. Rose Hu's confession that her marriage is ending prompts An-Mei to __________________________________-.
(a) Compare her to her aunt
(b) Beg Rose to not lose hope
(c) Become depressed, as she was in childhood
(d) Relive the memories of her childhood

5. The pastor, Wing, was a __________________________-.
(a) A convicted criminal
(b) A childhood friend of Ted's
(c) Childhood friend of Rose's brother
(d) A longtime friend of Rose's mother

6. In the mirror, the mother sees ______________________________.
(a) A new armoire
(b) Her future grandchild on her lap
(c) Her future grandchild's face
(d) Her daughter and husband happy

7. Jing-Mei's paternal aunt and her father speak ____________________.
(a) The Cantonese dialect
(b) The Mandarin dialect
(c) Sechuan
(d) English

8. The sisters in China were told their mother was dead by __________________.
(a) A telegram from Jing-Mei's father
(b) A phone call from Auntie An-Mei
(c) Jing-Mei
(d) A letter from Auntie Lindo

9. Old Mr. Chou is ___________________________________.
(a) A Chinese fortune teller
(b) A neighbor who tends Rose's garden
(c) An old friend of An-Mei's
(d) A fantasy figure from the world of sleep

10. Waverly has an ignorant fear of Jing-mei's hairdresser _______________________________.
(a) Because he is gay
(b) Because he is reckless
(c) Because he works on Howard Street
(d) Because she fears for her daughter

11. Rich's reaction to his unintended insults toward Lindo was _________________________________________.
(a) He thinks they do not like him
(b) He was loyal to Waverly
(c) He never realized he had done anything wrong
(d) He admitted his bleak failure

12. The grandmother imagines the baby in this parable to be ________________________.
(a) Hwai dungsyi
(b) Empress of China
(c) Buddah's granddaughter
(d) Syi Wang Mu

13. Lindo knows that Chinese people will know that her daughter ___________________.
(a) Is highly educated
(b) Is a good wife
(c) Is not Chinese
(d) Is well-to-do

14. Why did Lena feel she caused Arnold's death?
(a) She intended for him to die
(b) Because she wounded him emotionally
(c) She compared him to lepers
(d) She ate all of her rice

15. Ted makes the assumption that ______________________-.
(a) He will get the house
(b) Rose will be disagreeable
(c) Rose wants the divorce
(d) He will have to pay alimony

Short Answer Questions

1. Canning Woo's nickname, Syau Yen, means __________________.

2. How did Lena's eating problem manifest itself?

3. What the daughter sees in the mirror is _____________________.

4. Why did Lena hate Arnold so much?

5. Ying-Ying feels that her daughter's home _________________________.

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