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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Clifford St. Clair's gifts to Ying-Ying were ___________________________.
(a) Cheap compared to the wealth to which she is accustomed
(b) Bought from local merchants
(c) A reflection of his personality
(d) Ridiculous and tawdry

2. The grandmother wonders if the child is laughing because __________________________________.
(a) She knows her grandmother has become evil
(b) Buddha is teaching her to laugh for no reason
(c) She knows more about the world than most
(d) She is seeing her grandmother's suspicious nose

3. The grandmother admits that she ______________________________-.
(a) Taught her daughter to be free
(b) Taught her daughter to be suspicious
(c) Taught her daughter to shed her innocence
(d) Knows she will live forever

4. An-Mei's brother cannot come with their mother because _______________________________.
(a) His aunt and uncle forbid it
(b) Boys must stay home to care for their aunts
(c) She has not invited him to follow her
(d) He would lose any hope for a future

5. Ted makes the assumption that ______________________-.
(a) Rose will be disagreeable
(b) Rose wants the divorce
(c) He will have to pay alimony
(d) He will get the house

6. Ying-Ying feels that her daughter's home _________________________.
(a) Is cold and unfriendly
(b) Is boring and dull
(c) Has no life in it
(d) Is too fancy

7. Jing-Mei Woo travels to China with ____________________-.
(a) Her children
(b) Her father
(c) Her sisters
(d) Her aunties

8. This daughter is tired of her mother's habit of ______________________________.
(a) Trying to fix everything
(b) Projecting her negativity outward
(c) Warning her about her marriage
(d) Seeing bad omens in everything

9. Suyuan Woo feels that by wearing the jade pendant, Jing-mei will _____________________________.
(a) Find a good relationship
(b) Have stronger self-esteem
(c) Be a good daughter
(d) Understand her life's importance

10. Rose Hu's confession that her marriage is ending prompts An-Mei to __________________________________-.
(a) Beg Rose to not lose hope
(b) Relive the memories of her childhood
(c) Compare her to her aunt
(d) Become depressed, as she was in childhood

11. In the mirror, the mother sees ______________________________.
(a) Her future grandchild's face
(b) Her future grandchild on her lap
(c) A new armoire
(d) Her daughter and husband happy

12. Ying-Ying's name means _____________________.
(a) Flying Tiger
(b) Quiet Spirit
(c) Timid Bird
(d) Clear Reflection

13. What is the supposed effect of a mirror at the foot of the bed?
(a) It is bad luck to be able to see your partner while in bed
(b) Marriage happiness will bounce back
(c) The mirror will reflect the wrong way
(d) Things in the marriage will turn backward

14. The grandmother asks the baby to teach her mother how to lose innocence, without losing hope, and _________________________-.
(a) How to be Queen of the Western Skis
(b) How to be a good mother
(c) How to laugh forever
(d) How to forgive everyone

15. What does the jade pendant symbolize?
(a) Three pears
(b) Fertility
(c) Pomegranates
(d) We do not know

Short Answer Questions

1. What the daughter sees in the mirror is _____________________.

2. An-Mei's mother was not always a fourth wife, but was once a _______________________.

3. Jing-Mei's paternal aunt and her father speak ____________________.

4. Waverly has an ignorant fear of Jing-mei's hairdresser _______________________________.

5. Lindo is disappointed that she could not __________________________________.

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