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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rose is afraid to tell her mother about her divorce because _______________________________________.
(a) Her mother warned her not to get married
(b) She knows her mother will want her to fix the marriage
(c) She does not want to confuse her
(d) She knows her mother will disown her

2. The eternal aspect of Lindo's marriage was symbolized _________________________________.
(a) With a candle lit at both ends
(b) A ride through town on a palanquin
(c) A tea ceremony about eternity
(d) A ceremony with red scarves

3. The token saved from the swan carries with it ________________________________.
(a) A promise that she would learn English
(b) All the luck the woman did not have in China
(c) A fortune in memories
(d) All the woman's good intentions

4. The symbolic burning of the Five Evils was actually ___________________________.
(a) A box containing insects
(b) A cooling ritual
(c) A box with Five Evils inside
(d) A green coil of burning incense

5. The only father An-Mei knows is ___________________.
(a) Popo's husband
(b) The one in a large portrait
(c) Her uncle
(d) Her mother's husband

6. The child of this Chinese mother proves to be ______________________________.
(a) Strong willed and disrespectful
(b) Slightly slow
(c) Happy and rambunctious
(d) Happy to stay where t is safe

7. How did Ying-Ying's rescuers determine she was not a beggar?
(a) She had on embroidered clothing
(b) She did not speak but could only cry
(c) Her manners were polished
(d) She was pale with soft feet

8. The clothes Ying-Ying wears for the Moon Festival are ________________________.
(a) Festival clothes
(b) Five Evil clothes
(c) Tiger clothes
(d) Ritual clothes

9. Ted is frustrated with Lena because ___________________________.
(a) She does not like his mother
(b) She wants to control the relationship
(c) She cannot make a decision
(d) She is still attached to her family

10. The Hsu family had four sons and ______________________.
(a) One daughter
(b) Four daughters
(c) Two daughters
(d) Three daughters

11. The Mah Jong tiles are arranged into ___________________.
(a) Three piles
(b) Four columns
(c) Four walls
(d) Three stacks

12. The swan represents to the old woman ____________________________.
(a) The beauty of nature
(b) Flight to a new land
(c) All of her treasures and values
(d) Freedom and a new life

13. The white swan was purchased _____________________.
(a) In Shanghai
(b) In New York City
(c) In San Francisco
(d) Aboard the train

14. Rose realizes that fate is shaped half by expectation, and _________________________.
(a) Half by the gods
(b) Half by negative thinking
(c) Half by pride
(d) Half by inattention

15. When Lena's mother speaks to her in Chinese, Lena ____________________________________.
(a) Writes down everything and translates it later
(b) Tries to pretend she does not understand
(c) Does not repeat some of what her mother says
(d) Translates for her father accuratey and succinctly

Short Answer Questions

1. Lena's family moves up in status by moving _____________________________.

2. The old woman wants to use perfect English to explain ________________________________.

3. Auntie had a tongue "like hungry scissors _________________________.

4. Lindo's mother-in-law _______________________________.

5. In this parable, the corner represents ________________________________.

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