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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When she immigrated,what did Lena's father rename Ying-Ying?
(a) Teresa
(b) Su
(c) Angel
(d) Betty

2. Amah is Ying-Ying's ___________.
(a) Aunt
(b) Sister
(c) Nursemaid
(d) Mother

3. Rose's mother, in exchange for Bing, gave to the ocean _____________________.
(a) Her bible
(b) A bamboo pole
(c) A sapphire ring
(d) Her teacup

4. How did Lena learn that a new baby was coming?
(a) Her mother sat down and explained it to her
(b) A used crib showed up in her bedroom
(c) Her aunt and uncle told her
(d) Her father shared the news with her

5. Ted is frustrated with Lena because ___________________________.
(a) She wants to control the relationship
(b) She cannot make a decision
(c) She does not like his mother
(d) She is still attached to her family

6. "Popo" is An-Mei's ________________________.
(a) Governess
(b) Auntie
(c) Best friend
(d) Maternal grandmother

7. What frightens Jing-mei the most is that _______________________________.
(a) Her mother gave up hope
(b) She had no talent
(c) She did not believe in herself
(d) She felt failure was inevitable

8. The old woman's daughter swallowed this, more than sorrow.
(a) Coca-Cola
(b) Green tea
(c) Humiliation
(d) Coffee

9. Which kind of daughter did Jing-mei's mother want?
(a) Focused
(b) Free spirited
(c) Obedient
(d) Rebellious

10. Jeing-mei learns that her mother's lost babies ______________________________________.
(a) Died while searching for her lost babies
(b) Have been found alive and well
(c) Wished she had not raised her in America
(d) Died a very poor woman

11. What was Ying-Ying feeling at the end of the Moon Lady play?
(a) Hungry for the peach Moon Lady ate
(b) Fear over the enormity of the drama
(c) Guilt for becoming lost from her family
(d) Despair for the Moon Lady's grief

12. When she was bored, Jing-mei ________________________________.
(a) Read the Bible
(b) Counted the foghorn bellows on the bay
(c) Looked at herself in the mirro
(d) Watched her mother jump up to adjust the television

13. The symbolic burning of the Five Evils was actually ___________________________.
(a) A box containing insects
(b) A green coil of burning incense
(c) A box with Five Evils inside
(d) A cooling ritual

14. A man on the street leers and acts threatening to Lena's mother. Her mother feels this happened because ______________________________.
(a) She was pregnant
(b) She had her daughter with her
(c) Her life was out of balance
(d) She had dressed up too much

15. At the Mah Jong table, Suyuan Woo always sat _________________________-.
(a) Slumped in her chair
(b) Straight and rigid
(c) Facing the east
(d) Sideways on her chair

Short Answer Questions

1. Waverly replaces the missing chess pieces with _____________________.

2. Lindo Jong's family treated her ________________________________.

3. The woman's feels her daughter __________________.

4. The child of this Chinese mother proves to be ______________________________.

5. The only father An-Mei knows is ___________________.

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