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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The event that clouds An-Mei's early memory of her mother was _________________________________________________.
(a) She becomes convinced her that her mother was dead
(b) She fell as she ran toward her mother
(c) Her aunt slapped her face
(d) She was severely burned as her mother was leaving

2. When she was bored, Jing-mei ________________________________.
(a) Read the Bible
(b) Looked at herself in the mirro
(c) Watched her mother jump up to adjust the television
(d) Counted the foghorn bellows on the bay

3. When Lena's mother speaks to her in Chinese, Lena ____________________________________.
(a) Does not repeat some of what her mother says
(b) Tries to pretend she does not understand
(c) Writes down everything and translates it later
(d) Translates for her father accuratey and succinctly

4. Ted is frustrated with Lena because ___________________________.
(a) She cannot make a decision
(b) She is still attached to her family
(c) She does not like his mother
(d) She wants to control the relationship

5. The child's mother responds to the question about the twenty six gates, by _________________________________.
(a) Holding and rocking the child
(b) Dragging out an old Chinese book
(c) Writing the bad things on paper
(d) Silently ignoring the child's question

6. Jing-mei, tired of being pushed by her mother, develops _______________________.
(a) Her relationship with Waverly
(b) A loud voice
(c) Her talent as a pianist
(d) A rebellious spirit

7. The woman intends to learn in America how to __________________________________.
(a) Raise swans where they are free
(b) Speak perfect American English
(c) Raise her own food
(d) Open a business for Chinese

8. Suyuan Woo hoped her daughter _________________________________.
(a) Would not be like Waverly Jong
(b) Would grow up to be a tax attorney
(c) Would grow up to be like her
(d) Had a talent for playing piano

9. At the Mah Jong table, Suyuan Woo always sat _________________________-.
(a) Sideways on her chair
(b) Facing the east
(c) Slumped in her chair
(d) Straight and rigid

10. The old woman's daughter swallowed this, more than sorrow.
(a) Coca-Cola
(b) Coffee
(c) Humiliation
(d) Green tea

11. In her final attempt to find Bing, Rose's mother ___________________________________.
(a) Throws sweetened tea into the sea
(b) Begs the Coiled Dragon to give him back
(c) Tries to fish him out with a bamboo pole
(d) Throws an inner tube into the ocean for him

12. The eternal aspect of Lindo's marriage was symbolized _________________________________.
(a) With a candle lit at both ends
(b) A ceremony with red scarves
(c) A tea ceremony about eternity
(d) A ride through town on a palanquin

13. In order to promote her fertility, Lindo was given ________________________.
(a) Strong backrubs
(b) Gold and jewelry
(c) Scissors and sewing needles
(d) Polished dowry furniture

14. An-Mei lives in the house owned by ___________________________.
(a) Her grandfather
(b) Her grandmother
(c) Her mother's husband
(d) Her uncle and aunt

15. Jing-mei's piano recital was ___________________.
(a) A triumph
(b) Disastrous
(c) Sweeping
(d) Brilliant

Short Answer Questions

1. What frightens Jing-mei the most is that _______________________________.

2. Very few guests attended Lindo's wedding because _______________________________.

3. Suyuan Woo's husband leaves her to __________________________.

4. Filling out so many forms at customs, the woman _________________________________________.

5. How did Lena learn that a new baby was coming?

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