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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Lindo Jong, "Double Face".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Three days of sleeping may have given Rose _________________.
(a) A new strength
(b) A deeper sense of confusion
(c) A break from work
(d) New nightmares about Ted

2. What was Ying-Ying feeling at the end of the Moon Lady play?
(a) Hungry for the peach Moon Lady ate
(b) Fear over the enormity of the drama
(c) Despair for the Moon Lady's grief
(d) Guilt for becoming lost from her family

3. Waverly Jong's mother taught her early about ____________________________.
(a) How to shop
(b) Forbidden fruits
(c) Invisible strength
(d) Dim Sum

4. The woman's feels her daughter __________________.
(a) Has no affection
(b) Has no sorrows
(c) Has no values
(d) Has no insight

5. At lunch together, Waverly's mother _____________________________________.
(a) Is nervous and skittery
(b) Criticizes Waverly's choice of friends
(c) Criticizes everything about the restaurant and food
(d) Is concerned about her heart

Short Answer Questions

1. When she immigrated,what did Lena's father rename Ying-Ying?

2. Besides losing her name, Lena's mother lost ________________________.

3. What is the supposed effect of a mirror at the foot of the bed?

4. The Hsus find that their Chinese relatives do not want American gifts, but prefer ____________.

5. In Peking, Lindo paid a Chinese girl to ____________________________.

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