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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Lindo Jong, "Double Face".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The woman transported the swan ____________________________.
(a) From Hong Kong to Shanghai
(b) From New York to San Francisco
(c) From Shanghai to Kweilin
(d) From Shanghai to America

2. What was Ying-Ying's unspoken wish?
(a) To be found
(b) To become old
(c) To not be afraid
(d) To be trusted

3. The child in this parable is __________________.
(a) A seven-year-old boy
(b) A ten-year-old girl
(c) A teenager
(d) Seven-years-old

4. Which kind of daughter did Jing-mei's mother want?
(a) Rebellious
(b) Focused
(c) Free spirited
(d) Obedient

5. Waverly Jong learned the finer points of chess from ___________________.
(a) Ping Yuen
(b) Winston Jong
(c) Lau Po
(d) Hong Sing

Short Answer Questions

1. The woman's plans for the swan involve _________________________________.

2. Waverly's mother says Waverly's success can be attributed to _______________.

3. Suyuan Woo's husband leaves her to __________________________.

4. An-Mei lives in the house owned by ___________________________.

5. Lindo knows that Chinese people will know that her daughter ___________________.

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