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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Lindo Jong, "Double Face".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lindo was forced to live with her future in-laws because ______________________________________.
(a) Her dowry had gotten large enough
(b) Her family disowned her
(c) She was too old to stay at home
(d) A flood wiped our her family's home

2. An-Mei Hsu grew up with ___________________________________.
(a) Her grandmother and her little brother
(b) Her auntie and uncle
(c) Her mother and father
(d) Her father and her little brother

3. An-Mei's brother lost his happiness when _______________________________________-.
(a) His grandmother punished him for laughing
(b) His abusive aunt told him about his mother
(c) His father watched him from a painting
(d) His grandmother began to die

4. In the mirror, the mother sees ______________________________.
(a) A new armoire
(b) Her future grandchild on her lap
(c) Her future grandchild's face
(d) Her daughter and husband happy

5. The mother has purchased a new mirror at _______________________.
(a) Twice Used Store
(b) Macy's
(c) The Price Club
(d) Dollar Store

Short Answer Questions

1. Mah Jong is __________________.

2. The Mah Jong tiles are arranged into ___________________.

3. Lindo knows that Chinese people will know that her daughter ___________________.

4. Waverly Jong learned the finer points of chess from ___________________.

5. When Ying-Ying got dirty with turtle blood, Amah was afraid Ying-Ying's mother would _______________________________.

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