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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Lindo Jong, "Double Face".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rose is afraid to tell her mother about her divorce because _______________________________________.
(a) She does not want to confuse her
(b) Her mother warned her not to get married
(c) She knows her mother will want her to fix the marriage
(d) She knows her mother will disown her

2. An-Mei's brother cannot come with their mother because _______________________________.
(a) His aunt and uncle forbid it
(b) She has not invited him to follow her
(c) Boys must stay home to care for their aunts
(d) He would lose any hope for a future

3. Very few guests attended Lindo's wedding because _______________________________.
(a) The Japanese had invaded the area
(b) :Lindo's future husband was not well-liked
(c) It was raining
(d) The wedding was not important to the village

4. Jing-mei, tired of being pushed by her mother, develops _______________________.
(a) Her talent as a pianist
(b) A rebellious spirit
(c) A loud voice
(d) Her relationship with Waverly

5. The old woman wants to use perfect English to explain ________________________________.
(a) Her sister's unfortunate situation
(b) The story of the swan to her daughter
(c) Her reasons for leaving China
(d) Her predicament to customs

Short Answer Questions

1. Which kind of daughter did Jing-mei's mother want?

2. Rose was surprised that her mother had ___________________________.

3. Jing Mei is afraid that if she does not find the prodigy in herself she will _________________________-.

4. Lena's father's heritage is __________________.

5. The Twenty Six Malignant Gates is about _____________________________________________.

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