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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Parable.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rose's mother recorded Bing's death _______________________.
(a) With an erasable pencil
(b) With a flowery inscription
(c) By hiding the Bible
(d) With disappearing ink

2. In order to promote her fertility, Lindo was given ________________________.
(a) Gold and jewelry
(b) Strong backrubs
(c) Polished dowry furniture
(d) Scissors and sewing needles

3. The mother's superstitions may have been confirmed when ___________________________.
(a) The child's bike was broken
(b) The child made it around the corner
(c) The two argued about the dangers
(d) The child fell from the bike

4. What frightens Jing-mei the most is that _______________________________.
(a) She had no talent
(b) She did not believe in herself
(c) Her mother gave up hope
(d) She felt failure was inevitable

5. The child of this Chinese mother proves to be ______________________________.
(a) Happy to stay where t is safe
(b) Strong willed and disrespectful
(c) Happy and rambunctious
(d) Slightly slow

Short Answer Questions

1. The woman's plans for the swan involve _________________________________.

2. The grandmother wonders if the child is laughing because __________________________________.

3. Waverly gives up chess for good because she ________________________________-.

4. The white swan was purchased _____________________.

5. Ying-Ying feels that both she and her grown daughter are ______________.

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