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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Parable.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The grandmother wonders if the child is laughing because __________________________________.
(a) Buddha is teaching her to laugh for no reason
(b) She knows her grandmother has become evil
(c) She knows more about the world than most
(d) She is seeing her grandmother's suspicious nose

2. Amah is Ying-Ying's ___________.
(a) Nursemaid
(b) Sister
(c) Aunt
(d) Mother

3. The woman intends to learn in America how to __________________________________.
(a) Raise swans where they are free
(b) Speak perfect American English
(c) Open a business for Chinese
(d) Raise her own food

4. Suyuan Woo feels that by wearing the jade pendant, Jing-mei will _____________________________.
(a) Understand her life's importance
(b) Be a good daughter
(c) Have stronger self-esteem
(d) Find a good relationship

5. Waverly's anger toward her mother is because ________________________.
(a) She is too strict
(b) She favors her sons
(c) She is embarrassed
(d) She pushes her to play chess

Short Answer Questions

1. A man on the street leers and acts threatening to Lena's mother. Her mother feels this happened because ______________________________.

2. In this parable, the corner represents ________________________________.

3. Rose finds the imagery of Ted doing monkey business __________________.

4. When in China, the women of the Joy Luck Club were not allowed __________________________.

5. The woman's plans for the swan involve _________________________________.

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