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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Parable.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The child in this parable is __________________.
(a) A teenager
(b) A seven-year-old boy
(c) Seven-years-old
(d) A ten-year-old girl

2. Lena is certain her mother is able to _________________________.
(a) Figure things out
(b) Read tea leaves
(c) See the future
(d) See all the bad things around her

3. The event that clouds An-Mei's early memory of her mother was _________________________________________________.
(a) She fell as she ran toward her mother
(b) She becomes convinced her that her mother was dead
(c) She was severely burned as her mother was leaving
(d) Her aunt slapped her face

4. The characters in this parable are ______________________________.
(a) Waverly and her mother
(b) Rose and her mother
(c) June Woo and her mother
(d) Not yet known to the reader

5. Ying-Ying's family is __________________.
(a) A fishing family
(b) A boat family
(c) Well-to-do
(d) A poor family of servants

Short Answer Questions

1. Lena St. Clair's mother appears to be _______________________.

2. The child cannot read about the Malignant Gates because _______________________________.

3. The grandmother wonders aloud whether ____________________________________________.

4. What does the jade pendant symbolize?

5. Ying-Ying, or Betty, is consumed with ______________.

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