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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Rose Hsu Jordan, "Without Wood".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An-Mei Hsu uses her Bible as ___________________________________.
(a) A family history
(b) A stabilizer under the leg of her table
(c) An excuse for all of her bad experiences
(d) A crutch to try to be right about everything

2. The mother's fear for her child is that _______________________________________.
(a) The child will fall down and she will not hear her cry
(b) The child will be kidnapped by strangers
(c) The child will become lost
(d) The child will be struck by an automobile

3. Rich's reaction to his unintended insults toward Lindo was _________________________________________.
(a) He admitted his bleak failure
(b) He thinks they do not like him
(c) He never realized he had done anything wrong
(d) He was loyal to Waverly

4. When she immigrated,what did Lena's father rename Ying-Ying?
(a) Su
(b) Betty
(c) Teresa
(d) Angel

5. In her final attempt to find Bing, Rose's mother ___________________________________.
(a) Begs the Coiled Dragon to give him back
(b) Tries to fish him out with a bamboo pole
(c) Throws an inner tube into the ocean for him
(d) Throws sweetened tea into the sea

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Lena feel she caused Arnold's death?

2. Jing-mei's piano teacher is ________________________.

3. Waverly's mother says Waverly's success can be attributed to _______________.

4. When Lena's mother speaks to her in Chinese, Lena ____________________________________.

5. The Twenty Six Malignant Gates is about _____________________________________________.

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