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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Rose Hsu Jordan, "Half and Half".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rose realizes that fate is shaped half by expectation, and _________________________.
(a) Half by inattention
(b) Half by negative thinking
(c) Half by the gods
(d) Half by pride

2. The white swan was purchased _____________________.
(a) In Shanghai
(b) Aboard the train
(c) In San Francisco
(d) In New York City

3. The token saved from the swan carries with it ________________________________.
(a) All the woman's good intentions
(b) A promise that she would learn English
(c) A fortune in memories
(d) All the luck the woman did not have in China

4. The Mah Jong tiles are arranged into ___________________.
(a) Four walls
(b) Three piles
(c) Four columns
(d) Three stacks

5. Lindo's mother-in-law _______________________________.
(a) Taught Lindo to be a good housewife
(b) Helped Lindo learn to read
(c) Raised Lindo as her own child
(d) Isolated Lindo throughout her childhood

Short Answer Questions

1. The woman's feels her daughter __________________.

2. Waverly Jong learned the finer points of chess from ___________________.

3. When Teresa and her family get over their anger, and hug and kiss, Lena ______________________________________.

4. Lena's great grandfather probably died from _____________________.

5. The eternal aspect of Lindo's marriage was symbolized _________________________________.

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