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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Rose Hsu Jordan, "Half and Half".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An-Mei lives in the house owned by ___________________________.
(a) Her grandfather
(b) Her uncle and aunt
(c) Her mother's husband
(d) Her grandmother

2. Ying-Ying feels that both she and her grown daughter are ______________.
(a) Afraid
(b) Depressed
(c) Lost
(d) Angry

3. Rose is afraid to tell her mother about her divorce because _______________________________________.
(a) She knows her mother will disown her
(b) Her mother warned her not to get married
(c) She knows her mother will want her to fix the marriage
(d) She does not want to confuse her

4. The mother's superstitions may have been confirmed when ___________________________.
(a) The child fell from the bike
(b) The two argued about the dangers
(c) The child made it around the corner
(d) The child's bike was broken

5. When she immigrated,what did Lena's father rename Ying-Ying?
(a) Angel
(b) Teresa
(c) Su
(d) Betty

Short Answer Questions

1. Lena's paranoia is increased by ___________________________________________.

2. As national chess champion, Waverly is touted as __________________________.

3. The child cannot read about the Malignant Gates because _______________________________.

4. The old woman who buys a swan eventually _____________________________.

5. An army officer told Suyuan Woo _________________________________-.

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