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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Rose Hsu Jordan, "Half and Half".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The only father An-Mei knows is ___________________.
(a) Her mother's husband
(b) The one in a large portrait
(c) Her uncle
(d) Popo's husband

2. Waverly's mother says Waverly's success can be attributed to _______________.
(a) Luck
(b) Talent
(c) Skill
(d) The gods

3. An-Mei Hsu uses her Bible as ___________________________________.
(a) A family history
(b) A stabilizer under the leg of her table
(c) An excuse for all of her bad experiences
(d) A crutch to try to be right about everything

4. An-Mei lives in the house owned by ___________________________.
(a) Her grandfather
(b) Her uncle and aunt
(c) Her grandmother
(d) Her mother's husband

5. The white swan was purchased _____________________.
(a) In Shanghai
(b) In San Francisco
(c) Aboard the train
(d) In New York City

Short Answer Questions

1. An-Mei's mother is considered a "ghost" because _________________________________.

2. In Chinese culture, respect for one's ancestors is called ___________.

3. Auntie had a tongue "like hungry scissors _________________________.

4. When Ying-Ying got dirty with turtle blood, Amah was afraid Ying-Ying's mother would _______________________________.

5. Mah Jong is __________________.

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