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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Waverly Jong, "Rules of the Game".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As national chess champion, Waverly is touted as __________________________.
(a) The funeral parlor's mascot
(b) The Great American Hope
(c) Bobby Fischer's best friend
(d) A poor child from Chinatown

2. An army officer told Suyuan Woo _________________________________-.
(a) That her babies will be fine
(b) That the Japanese are losing the war
(c) To go to her husband in Chungking
(d) To hold on to her silk dresses

3. Lindo was able to convince her in-laws to end her marriage by ______________________________.
(a) Offering them all of her gold
(b) Being infertile
(c) Playing into their superstitions
(d) Crying and wailing

4. How did Ying-Ying end up in the water?
(a) The Moon Lady drew her in
(b) The little boys pushed her
(c) She tried to grab a swimming snake
(d) She was frightened by firecrackers

5. The token saved from the swan carries with it ________________________________.
(a) A promise that she would learn English
(b) All the woman's good intentions
(c) All the luck the woman did not have in China
(d) A fortune in memories

Short Answer Questions

1. When in China, the women of the Joy Luck Club were not allowed __________________________.

2. What was Ying-Ying's unspoken wish?

3. Filling out so many forms at customs, the woman _________________________________________.

4. An-Mei lives in the house owned by ___________________________.

5. The woman transported the swan ____________________________.

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