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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Waverly Jong, "Rules of the Game".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The mother's superstitions may have been confirmed when ___________________________.
(a) The child fell from the bike
(b) The child's bike was broken
(c) The child made it around the corner
(d) The two argued about the dangers

2. Tyan-Yu was _____________________________.
(a) A sex addict
(b) Much like a brave Chinese warrior
(c) An overbearing brute of a husband
(d) Like a small child who never grew up

3. Waverly replaces the missing chess pieces with _____________________.
(a) Lifesavers
(b) Her brother's submarine figures
(c) Stones from the alley
(d) Ones she makes from dough

4. The old woman who buys a swan eventually _____________________________.
(a) Eats the swan to survive
(b) Takes the swan back to China
(c) Takes the swan to America
(d) Gives the swan to her daughter

5. The mother's fear for her child is that _______________________________________.
(a) The child will fall down and she will not hear her cry
(b) The child will be kidnapped by strangers
(c) The child will be struck by an automobile
(d) The child will become lost

Short Answer Questions

1. The white swan was purchased _____________________.

2. Ying-Ying feels that both she and her grown daughter are ______________.

3. Mah Jong is __________________.

4. Lindo's mother-in-law _______________________________.

5. Jeing-mei learns that her mother's lost babies ______________________________________.

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