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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, An-Mei Hsu, "Scar".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Auntie had a tongue "like hungry scissors _________________________.
(a) cutting my confidence."
(b) tearing at the heart."
(c) cutting a colorless winter melon."
(d) eating silk cloth."

2. An-Mei lives in the house owned by ___________________________.
(a) Her uncle and aunt
(b) Her mother's husband
(c) Her grandfather
(d) Her grandmother

3. The Hsus find that their Chinese relatives do not want American gifts, but prefer ____________.
(a) Days in the mountains
(b) Picnics with the family
(c) Money
(d) Elegant luncheons

4. Filling out so many forms at customs, the woman _________________________________________.
(a) Accidentally left the swan aboard the ship
(b) Forgot where she was and became confused
(c) Forgot to take the swan with her
(d) Forgot why she had come and what she left behind

5. An-Mei's mother is considered a "ghost" because _________________________________.
(a) She has deserted her children
(b) She had children out of wedlock
(c) She has had too many children
(d) She is only a fourth wife

Short Answer Questions

1. The white swan was purchased _____________________.

2. The swan represents to the old woman ____________________________.

3. Suyuan Woo packed all of her belongings into a _________________.

4. Suyuan Woo hoped her daughter _________________________________.

5. The old woman who buys a swan eventually _____________________________.

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