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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, An-Mei Hsu, "Magpies".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An army officer told Suyuan Woo _________________________________-.
(a) To hold on to her silk dresses
(b) That her babies will be fine
(c) To go to her husband in Chungking
(d) That the Japanese are losing the war

2. An-Mei Hsu uses her Bible as ___________________________________.
(a) A family history
(b) An excuse for all of her bad experiences
(c) A crutch to try to be right about everything
(d) A stabilizer under the leg of her table

3. The mother's superstitions may have been confirmed when ___________________________.
(a) The two argued about the dangers
(b) The child's bike was broken
(c) The child made it around the corner
(d) The child fell from the bike

4. Rose being "without wood" symbolizes ________________________.
(a) Her lack of a home
(b) Her
(c) Her weak nature
(d) Her lack of furniture

5. Rose is afraid to tell her mother about her divorce because _______________________________________.
(a) She knows her mother will want her to fix the marriage
(b) Her mother warned her not to get married
(c) She does not want to confuse her
(d) She knows her mother will disown her

Short Answer Questions

1. Very few guests attended Lindo's wedding because _______________________________.

2. Popo says a girl who refused to listen to her elders ___________________________.

3. In her final attempt to find Bing, Rose's mother ___________________________________.

4. Jing-mei's mother ______________________________.

5. How did Jing-mei justify her defiance of her mother?

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