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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, An-Mei Hsu, "Magpies".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The grandmother wonders aloud whether ____________________________________________.
(a) She is truly innocent or holds many secrets inside
(b) The baby has come from a royal place with Buddha
(c) The baby is laughing at her or with her
(d) She sees negative things in others because she has them herself

2. Lena's great grandfather probably died from _____________________.
(a) Being murdered
(b) Being drowned
(c) Guilt and remorse
(d) Influenza

3. The event that clouds An-Mei's early memory of her mother was _________________________________________________.
(a) Her aunt slapped her face
(b) She was severely burned as her mother was leaving
(c) She becomes convinced her that her mother was dead
(d) She fell as she ran toward her mother

4. Waverly's mother uses Waverly __________________________.
(a) To preserve her Chinese customs
(b) As a source of pride
(c) To help with housework
(d) As a second income stream

5. In this parable, the corner represents ________________________________.
(a) The turning point for the family
(b) The growth process of the child
(c) The line between safety and danger
(d) The mother's skewed anxiety

Short Answer Questions

1. Lena is certain her mother is able to _________________________.

2. Waverly was named after ____________________________.

3. An-Mei's mother makes life in Tientsin sound __________________________________.

4. Jing-mei, tired of being pushed by her mother, develops _______________________.

5. Lindo became aware of who she really was when ________________________________.

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