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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Parable.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Very few guests attended Lindo's wedding because _______________________________.
(a) The Japanese had invaded the area
(b) It was raining
(c) :Lindo's future husband was not well-liked
(d) The wedding was not important to the village

2. Ying-Ying's family is __________________.
(a) Well-to-do
(b) A poor family of servants
(c) A boat family
(d) A fishing family

3. Popo says a girl who refused to listen to her elders ___________________________.
(a) Grew a large white melon in her stomach
(b) Shook her brains out of her ear
(c) Eventually poisoned herself
(d) Turned into an overrripe squash

4. An-Mei's brother lost his happiness when _______________________________________-.
(a) His abusive aunt told him about his mother
(b) His grandmother punished him for laughing
(c) His grandmother began to die
(d) His father watched him from a painting

5. An-Mei's mother left her behind in order to _____________________________________________.
(a) Save her from her new husband's disregard
(b) Save An-Mei from her own humiliated station in life
(c) Let her have a life with her younger brother
(d) Have her raised by a woman who was more stable

Short Answer Questions

1. Jeing-mei learns that her mother's lost babies ______________________________________.

2. Suyuan Woo hoped her daughter _________________________________.

3. An-Mei's mother shows up ___________________________.

4. An-Mei Hsu grew up with ___________________________________.

5. The child of this Chinese mother proves to be ______________________________.

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