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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Lena St. Clair, "Rice Husband".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Auntie had a tongue "like hungry scissors _________________________.
(a) eating silk cloth."
(b) tearing at the heart."
(c) cutting a colorless winter melon."
(d) cutting my confidence."

2. Waverly replaces the missing chess pieces with _____________________.
(a) Lifesavers
(b) Stones from the alley
(c) Ones she makes from dough
(d) Her brother's submarine figures

3. "Popo" is An-Mei's ________________________.
(a) Governess
(b) Best friend
(c) Auntie
(d) Maternal grandmother

4. In Chinese culture, respect for one's ancestors is called ___________.
(a) Nuyer
(b) Shou
(c) Ni
(d) Ching

5. The event that clouds An-Mei's early memory of her mother was _________________________________________________.
(a) Her aunt slapped her face
(b) She was severely burned as her mother was leaving
(c) She becomes convinced her that her mother was dead
(d) She fell as she ran toward her mother

Short Answer Questions

1. Ying-Ying's family is __________________.

2. Waverly's mother wanted Vincent's chess set _________________________.

3. Rose's mother recorded Bing's death _______________________.

4. Waverly was named after ____________________________.

5. How was Ying-Ying rescued from the water?

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