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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Lena St. Clair, "Rice Husband".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rose had to care for her brothers to learn ________________________.
(a) Parenting skills
(b) Yiding, or responsibility
(c) Fishing techniques
(d) Water safety

2. An-Mei Hsu uses her Bible as ___________________________________.
(a) A crutch to try to be right about everything
(b) An excuse for all of her bad experiences
(c) A stabilizer under the leg of her table
(d) A family history

3. "Popo" is An-Mei's ________________________.
(a) Maternal grandmother
(b) Governess
(c) Auntie
(d) Best friend

4. Why did Lena feel she caused Arnold's death?
(a) She ate all of her rice
(b) She compared him to lepers
(c) She intended for him to die
(d) Because she wounded him emotionally

5. As national chess champion, Waverly is touted as __________________________.
(a) A poor child from Chinatown
(b) The funeral parlor's mascot
(c) Bobby Fischer's best friend
(d) The Great American Hope

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Lena hate Arnold so much?

2. In her final attempt to find Bing, Rose's mother ___________________________________.

3. When Ying-Ying got dirty with turtle blood, Amah was afraid Ying-Ying's mother would _______________________________.

4. The Hsu family went to beach so that Rose's father could __________________________.

5. Waverly's mother wanted Vincent's chess set _________________________.

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