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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Jing-Mei Woo, "Best Quality".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the jade pendant symbolize?
(a) Three pears
(b) Fertility
(c) Pomegranates
(d) We do not know

2. How was Ying-Ying rescued from the water?
(a) Fishermen pulled her up in their net
(b) She swam to a fishing boat
(c) A snake held her above water
(d) She was pulled ashore by brigands

3. When she was bored, Jing-mei ________________________________.
(a) Counted the foghorn bellows on the bay
(b) Watched her mother jump up to adjust the television
(c) Looked at herself in the mirro
(d) Read the Bible

4. What was Ying-Ying feeling at the end of the Moon Lady play?
(a) Despair for the Moon Lady's grief
(b) Guilt for becoming lost from her family
(c) Hungry for the peach Moon Lady ate
(d) Fear over the enormity of the drama

5. What frightens Jing-mei the most is that _______________________________.
(a) She had no talent
(b) Her mother gave up hope
(c) She felt failure was inevitable
(d) She did not believe in herself

Short Answer Questions

1. The symbolic burning of the Five Evils was actually ___________________________.

2. Ying-Ying feels that both she and her grown daughter are ______________.

3. How did Ying-Ying's rescuers determine she was not a beggar?

4. Jing-mei's mother ______________________________.

5. Jing-mei's piano recital was ___________________.

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