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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Parable)


Part 1, Parable

The objective of this lesson is to consider what makes a thing valuable, and how loss of something valuable can be significant.


1) Discuss in class the significance of the white swan. Why is the swan a surprise? Why is she so highly valued? Does her color hold significance?

2) This is a very short "chapter" in the book, but packed with meaning. Have the class divide into small groups and explore the swan's significance in this parable. What symbolic value does the swan hold? Have a spokesperson for each group present the group's findings.

3) At home, find photos or drawings of swans and ducks and compare the two, writing a short essay about their differences. Does this help you understand why the woman's purchase was significant, and why its loss was important?

4) Find and bring to class a white feather. Examine it closely and...

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