The Joy Luck Club Character Descriptions

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An-Mei Hsu

Rose's strong-minded mother

Lindo Jong

Waverly's mother, who wants her daughter to have "American circumstances and Chinese character"

Waverly Jong

A national chess champion as a child; a successful tax attorney as an adult

Rose Hsu Jordan

Daughter of An-Mei Hsu, married to American, Ted Jordan

Lena St. Clair

The daughter of Ying-Ying and an English-Irish father, married to Harold

Ying- Ying St. Clair

A broken woman, who eventually tries to recover her "chi."

Jing-Mei Woo

The daughter of Suyuan Woo, who never quite measured up.

June Woo

See Jing-Mei Woo

Suyuan Woo

She speaks through her daughter, and originated the Joy Luck Club.

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