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Part 1, Parable

• In Shanghai, an old woman buys a swan that is too beautiful to eat.

• The woman takes the swan and sails from China.

• The woman plans to have a daughter who will speak perfect English and never know sorrow.

• The woman arrives in America.

• Immigration officers take her swan, leaving her with one feather.

• The woman fills out many forms.

• The woman has a daughter who speaks perfect English and knows no sorrows.

• The woman waits until she can learn perfect English to tell her daughter her story.

• The woman never learns perfect English.

Part 1, Jing-Mei Woo, "The Joy Luck Club"

• Jing-mei (June) Woo's father asks her to take her mother's place as fourth player in the Joy Luck Club.

• Suyuan Woo started the club in San Francisco in 1949.

• As members of the Chinese first Baptist Church, the Woos befriend the Hsus, Jongs, and St. Clairs...

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