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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Water Boatmen and The Digger Wasp.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is some of the vocabulary used by the poet to describe the grasshoppers?
(a) Hurdlers, racers, gymnasts, slow-moving.
(b) Acrobats, circlers, twirlers, flippers.
(c) Sliders, runners, sprinters. spinners.
(d) Bounders, leapers, springers, soarers, bounders, leapers, springers, soarers.

2. "Grasshoppers" is written so that the readers do what?
(a) Speak very quickly and loudly.
(b) Speak slowly and quietly.
(c) Say very different things.
(d) Say the same thing.

3. Why is the answer to number 90 repeated in the poem?
(a) This repetition shows how important these insects are.
(b) This repetition shows how fast the boatmen must swim.
(c) This repetition is meant to annoy the reader.
(d) This repetition creates the rhythm of the insects' oars as they slice through the water.

4. The digger wasp wants its children to know that they were ____________.
(a) Envied.
(b) Prayed for.
(c) Considered.
(d) Loved.

5. What aspects of humanity can be learned from the book lice poem?
(a) How compromise is needed in relationships.
(b) How love affects lice.
(c) Why book lice eat books.
(d) How to meet others.

Short Answer Questions

1. Only when does the mayfly seem to feel nostalgia?

2. Whom do the water striders try to teach to walk on water?

3. "The Digger Wasp" is a very _________________ story.

4. Joyful Noise is a book of ____________.

5. What does the water strider feel when its students cannot perform its special skill?

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