Joy in the Morning Character Descriptions

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Carl Brown

This character studies law.

Annie Brown

This character grew up in Brooklyn.

Mr. Byrd

This character works as a florist.


This character teaches others how to make tea.

Miss Vi

This character is a secretary in the office of the justice of the peace.

Willis J. Calamus

This character is the justice of the peace for the university town, though he calls himself a judge.

Dean Darwent

This character helps students with personal problems, student loans, and finding jobs.

Annie's mom

This character writes about the pain she suffers from since her daughter left her.

Carl's mom

This character offers financial support to her son, but after he marries she withdraws all support and demands payment for the gifts she has given him.


This character teaches writing.

Bev Karter

This character supports herself by being a well-paid mistress.

Mr. Lopin

This character is a...

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