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Chapters 1-2

• Carl and Annie get married at city hall.

• Money is tight for Carl and Annie, but Carl works several part time jobs.

• Annie becomes lonely having moved away from her family.

• Annie and Carl move into Ms. Hansom's boarding house.

Chapters 3-4

• Carl returns to classes after the wedding.

• Annie spends her day shopping and reading.

• Carl can't study because of distractions in their room.

• Carl wants to take a year off school, but Annie won't let him.

Chapters 5-6

• Carl's mother doesn't know Carl and Annie are married yet.

• Carl's mother threatens to cut Carl off financially if he marries Annie.

• Carl writes his mother about his marriage.

• Carl's mother demands he send back the money she spent on his semester and watch.

• Carl pawns his watch and sends his mother an IOU.

Chapters 7-8

• Annie begins listening in on a literature class.

• Annie is...

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