Journey to Topaz Short Essay - Answer Key

Yoshiko Uchida
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1. What does Yuki state as her like and dislikes in the opening chapter?

The opening chapter introduces the book's main character, Yuki Sakane. She is an eleven-year-old girl who adores animals. She dotes on her dog Pepper and watches a gray carp swim in the garden pond. Later, she tells her canary, Old Salt, how glad she is her mother has not invited the Japanese students for dinner. She says she much prefers Mr. Topa because he is an open person.

2. What news is the catalyst for destroying the Sakane family's life?

When the family sit around the table for dinner, Mr. Sakane switches on the radio. A broadcast informs them the Japanese have invaded Pearl Harbor. Mr. Sakane tells his family the program is a drama piece, but his nervous twitching betrays his anxiety.

3. How does Mr. Sakane react when the police arrive to arrest him?

The FBI and the police arrive at the Sakanes' home to arrest Mr. Sakane. Mr. Sakane turns pale, but he cooperates fully. He asks the police if he can change into his business suit, but they tell him he has to come as he is.

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