Objects & Places from Journey to Topaz

Yoshiko Uchida
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These are individuals who arrived in the United States prior to the Immigration Act of 1924.


These are the Japanese born in the United States to Issei Japanese Americans.


This is the name of the Sakane family's pet dog.

Pearl Ring

Mrs. Jamieson, a family friend and neighbor of the Sakane family, gives Yuki this for Christmas.

Civil Control Station

This is the initial reporting point for the Japanese Americans being evacuated from the local area. Individuals or families are ordered to report here, where their belongings are loaded on trucks for forwarding and the families are assigned a permanent destination.

Tanforan Assembly Area

This is the first internment camp the Sakane family is sent to. It has been converted from a horse racing track and is about 100 acres in size.

Topaz Internment Camp

This is located in Topaz, Utah, surrounded by many miles of trackless...

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